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    Melaine Martinez Merch

    I don't really know what I was expecting when I looked up what her merch consisted of, but although it's all pretty benign trinkets and lightly colored pastel-ish t-shirts, I guess it's still nice to know things like this exist in the main stream. But... Do I even wanna know what's going on in...
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    LG (not sissy) panties?

    You're 29 years old, or a 29-inch waist? Lol, it looks good, but I'm a little skeptical of the cut. Does that boy short style actually look good once it's actually on? I'm more of a bikini-style guy (girl?) Myself. But I'd be willing if it actually looks tasteful when I'm actually wearing it :P
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    Shaving "Down there"

    Shaving only gets you so far. Sure, for a night it will look immaculate and amazing. I say so because I did so yesterday...Thennn the next day comes and the itchies start. Even though I shaved using the right technique, moisturized afterwards, and did everything I can to prevent irritation, it's...
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    A Dress I've been Looking at

    That looks to me like an incentive to lose weight. My lord I would love to have the right curves to rock it.
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    LG (not sissy) panties?

    Well, they came in the mail, and I'm happy to say they fit well :) like you said, the gusset is a bit narrow, but what panties aren't, aside from the sissy panties meant for people with... endowment. They're a bit stiff, and not quite the material I was hoping for, but I think a couple washes...
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    LG (not sissy) panties?

    So, on Amazon, I've found a few designs I like in the youth size 20 you mentioned. Nothing too fancy, but not plain either. Just right for my tastes, though I do wish any of that size had some cartoon-y designs, like MLP for istance. Incidentally, they all came from the same manufacturer...
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    LG (not sissy) panties?

    While I do like the large amount of panties geared toward males with a figure that wouldn't be facilitated by normal girls panties, the list is almost exclusively sissy style, with big frills, satin, ruffles, some thong styles, etc. This is great and all, no complaints there. Something I've...
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    24/7 for over a month now

    Wow, a month and you're already wetting the bed? I went nearly 3 months once (minus #2) and by the end I was still waking up in the middle of the night to go pee. Granted, it got much easier and all I did by the end was groggily wake up, lean up slightly to get the flow started, then lay back...
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    NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear

    Any chance we could get some pics of the product? You know, for science and what-not :P Honestly the biggest turnoff for me is that adult pull-ons just don't /look/ appealing in general. I know, it's a subjective quality, but the pictures on NorthShore's website look computer generated and...
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    Favorite diaper experience

    I think my best experience was when it was really taboo and I had no real way of getting diapers when I was living with my parents. The summer after my freshman year in college, I was asked to dogsit/housesit one of my coworkers' apartment. It was the first time I was able to be on my own pretty...
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    Best Pull-Up style diapers?

    Interesting... I never thought to look at generic brands to get a bulkier fit. That goes against the normal algorithm imo, but cool! Do you happen to have a sample for us to see?
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    Can I wear a diaper while I have a uti?

    This is AZO, right? It was so freaky seeing my gf's pee in the toilet. It looked like orange Gatorade xD
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    Can I wear a diaper while I have a uti?

    I can't say either way honestly. It may be detrimental to wear a diaper, and seeking a professional for this sort of thing may be recommended. But for me, whenever I had that weird burning feeling in my pee, where it felt like I was always needing to go, even if I just went, it was good to have...
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    Not much more I can add here. It's all been pretty much said; you have to be susceptible to the suggestions, you have to be open to it, and if you give yourself any doubt whether it works, it's pretty much useless... That being said, I'll give you my story. I have had some success with a few...
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    friend found my instagram

    Scary stuff, man. Does your Instagram have your name on it anywhere? Or is it perhaps linked to an email or another social media account? I have a similar issue with my etsy account, as it's linked to my Facebook (or is it my Google+?) account. Someone whom I know started following me, and all...