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    Pampers bigger in the past

    This is common. Kids' clothing sizes are shrinking across the board because if you make it so the child outgrows it faster, parents have to replace it sooner and spend more money. They're deliberately narrowing the size range it actually fits.
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    If age regression really existed...?

    Around 18 months, permanently, and I'd choose to lose my memories. Maybe this time they'd diagnose me with autism as a kid and get me help instead of just drugging me up with Ritalin.
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    What was your bedtime as a kid

    Around 9 PM, until I was around 12, and my parents were ASSHOLES about it. I wanted to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation and it came on at 9 PM, just once a week, and my parents never let me watch it.
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    On 'Waddling'

    Tykables 6000ml and 7000ml diapers will definitely induce a waddle, no Dubbler needed.
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    What do real babies have that we don't have yet?

    Affordable adult-sized baby furniture. Frankly, what there is, is too expensive. I get that it's custom-made and low volume, but the prices they charge put it out of reach of most people and ensure they won't get hardly any sales. They could charge 1/3 as much and get 10x the sales, and still...
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    Working on VR ABDL virt-a-mate content

    Oh that looks amazing. I wonder if there's any ability to show a body if you look down, not just disembodied hands.
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    A Roll of Two Dice (Chapter 3: A Bad Morning)

    Probably a typo. Hoping the author will continue it. Sadly, it seems all the age regression stories get abandoned. :(
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    Do pilots wear nappies?

    Correct, as Llayden said, smaller aircraft have "piddle packs" for #1. Incidentally, there have been a few instances of crashes while using these, particularly in more cramped cockpits like the F-16. If they're not careful, it's possible for something to get snagged on the controls and result in...
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    Did you ever wear diapers around the house while living with your parents?

    Yes, in my 20's. I wore a denim robe over them, and only put them on shortly before my parents went to bed. It wasn't that hard to hide it for the short period until my mom finally went to bed.
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    What is the best diaper to wear if you sleep on your side?

    A cloth diaper is essential because it can absorb from both sides, so even if something gets out of it and is trapped by the plastic pants it can still soak it up.
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    What is the best diaper to wear if you sleep on your side?

    For a side sleeper, you're pretty well out of luck. It concentrates the liquid at the leg holes and thus makes leaking almost guaranteed. I'd recommend a multi-layered defense, though, with a disposable diaper on the inside and a cloth diaper / adult training pants over it, and plastic pants on...
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    Washing powder with the most babyish scent

    In the US, Woolite is often recommended for baby garments and sensitive skin. You might try that.
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    Adult pacifier question. LittleForBig Gen-2 and NUK5

    The teat is supposed to inflate as you suck on it and lose shape when you don't. Latex is better for this than silicone, though, as it's much more stretchy.
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    Hypnossis, whats your thoughts?

    I'd love to be able to be hypnotized, but at this point I'm convinced I'm one of the people for whom it is utterly impossible. My brain is too rational to accept the suggestions, and I can't turn that part of me off.
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    Is there any diaper as thick as the one in this art and if not somebody please start creating some?

    Those Oof Poof diapers aren't actual diapers, as near as I can tell. They just look like one. You could wear them over an actual diaper, but at $125 a pop you don't want to actually use one.