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    Should I tell mom about my plushies?

    i think what Jayson mentions is a good idea. I have a plushie on a shelve, and my mom havent said anything. I can`t throw it away, so i put him on a shelve.
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    Long time lurker

    Thanks for the warm welcomes!
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    Long time lurker

    Thank you!
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    Long time lurker

    Hi Im a 25year old male, that have been lurking the forum some years. I am quite shy and therfore never been writing before, but now i need adwise. (That wil come in another post) I see myself as a DL, but like wearing body´s, plastic-pants, tights and use pacifier some times. As the title say...
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    Diaper Database

    The website looks fine on my ipad air2. its a realy cool project you have started. I have been viewing the website regularly and i love what you have accomplished so far. i even sendt a “manual“ suggestion on the DryNites, and they were on the webpage the next day, even with pictures. I have...
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    Found someone I know online.

    I also found a former classmate in that community a while back. Just asked him some questions to make sure it was the guy i tought i was, before telling who i am. We didńt have mutch contact before, and we dont have now xD
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    Which diaper would you bring to adult sizes and why?

    I would like to see Libero in adult size!
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    Hello folks

    Hey I am a boy from Norway and LOVE diapers, but im getting stil very nervous ven im gona buy diapers. Vel i am 17 years old and want to tel my parents about the diaper fetish, but i dont know if im gonna regret. Any tips?