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  • Go for it! Raquel's Only Wish was my first story too. :)

    When you don't have any experience with writing, you should start out by practicing to get a feel for it and find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. For example, maybe you're really descriptive but your dialog needs work.

    After that, one of the best things you can do is read books / stories written by other authors who are already successful. And take notes on what you think works for them, like the way a character is described or the way a conversation plays out. Then you can start incorporating that knowledge into your own stories. I literally filled up a whole notebook with notes when I read the Harry Potter series. :)
    Thanks! It's always wonderful to hear that people are enjoying my stories. :)

    My goal for Raquel's story was to write a diaper story with realistic situations and characters. I like to think that instead of just a fantasy in someones mind, it could have been something that happened at your own school.

    Although the story itself is entirely fiction, many of the characters are based off of people I knew in real life. (Especially Ryan, Kelsey, Chase, Alicia and Britney.) I even kept the original names! A lot of the diaper content in the story is also roughly based off of my own personal experiences.
    Did you guys get any more snow?
    I seen some snow in TN around Thanksgiving this year.
    IDK, there might be a TN group here....
    anyway, the Reindeer Puppy says:

    I use mods as well, mainly Zan's Minimap. I actually run a small server for friends from school, though it's not that great. But yeah, an AB/TB/DL server would be cool.
    Glad to know I found someone with good taste in games! You play often?
    nice, i was happy that I was able to buy me a spiderman and batman backpack, it makes feel kiddish when I use them, which is rare but I do like them
    i regress at times, not fully, cuz i guess i still know im an adult, but at times i guess i do, it would be easier if i had a more kid themed bedroom
    ahhh i see, im a tb or ab i guess---im 19, I still have purges, but I am a tb ab toddler, kidult, whichever lol
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