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  • lol u love diapers lol....i like football(sports in general) politics(uggh)
    thats awesome...i can still fit into pull-ups...i kno ur more dl...but do u have a tb age?
    ive only worn goodnites, pullups and pampers easy ups(which i dont use anymore) i wana try underjams and about u?
    yea i do wear diapers....although I dont have any at the moment either:( but like i said in my thread my mom is goin out of town this i do plan on getting some...i want to live my 4 year old fantasy when she is gone:)
    i soooooo wish i could say the same....i love legos....i really love hot wheels....i love toy story, finding nemo, space jam, and other r us is like my favorite store that i dont go to:( more of a toddler....i love my diapers...but im more into the litttle kid not lyin to u...for some reason...i like kids and all i dont have much of those things at my house...but trust me there are stuff that i do look at toys r us website a lot lol
    If you are going to be in the RP, you need to do more than just post the sign up sheet.
    im glad u have that attitude....thats not much of a furry...although there was once upon a time where i was really interested in being and into faded here cuz im more of a toddler in an adult's body...idk its difficult..
    well i kno its standard....but i like ur one for halloween...not just the thread but i like the fact that you tend to comment back on people...i dont like it that some people on here dont comment back and keep the convo goin...kno wut i mean?
    Yeah, just put yourself into the story in a way that makes sense. The sign up sheet is on the first page of the thread.
    yeah i need to be headed off to bed too cya
    so noodles the calm one, honoka is the stoic one, im guessing rocker/anarchist is the wild one, whats 2d?
    wow sounds a bit confusing lol which one are you now?
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