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    Little At Disney Experiences

    So I had a thought recently, Whenever I go to Disney, especially the Magic Kingdom, I’m always hit with the little feels. However, seeing as I have always gone with family I have never been able to indulge my little side aside from snuggling with my plush in bed at night. I was wondering if...
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    Supreme Lite vs. Abena M4

    Their quality control isn’t the best tbh. It’s not unusual that I have to return / ask for a replacement of cases due to taping or structural issues. But that only happens like once or twice a year.
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    Supreme Lite vs. Abena M4

    This exactly! In the morning I need at the minimum an abena m4. Anything less and I’m changing in like 2 - 3 hours. But later in the evening lower capacity works well.
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    Supreme Lite vs. Abena M4

    The m4 is like my main staple. Aside from their shoddy quality control as of late they are a good performer. They can last me about 6 hours during the day if I’m wearing for fun and generally last all night for my needs when I’m asleep. The supreme lites hold less than the m4 and are a little...
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    Pain After Pointing Down

    Wow thanks for the information! That actually makes a lot of sense. I wore a northshore supreme to bed last night and didn’t really experience any problems. I may just need to give it a few days and pay specific attention to the pain to ensure it is in face not skin related. Thanks for the...
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    Pain After Pointing Down

    Never had problem with stuff getting into the hole but doesn’t sound pleasant. And yeah it’s just so weird I can wear an abena all day with no problem but at night I’m getting these issues ugh.
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    Pain After Pointing Down

    Hmm maybe that’s a possibility. I may just have to give it another week and see what happens. I do know that I have no visible rash or irritation. Just the pain when I wake up or am woken up. I hope it’s not a reaction seeing as I just bought a case of m4 for the next month lol.
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    Pain After Pointing Down

    Is it just discomfort or kinda like a burning or stinging pain? Again it doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it usually wakes me up and won’t resolve u till I point up or can cook things down a little.
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    Pain After Pointing Down

    Afternoon all, I have a quick question for those that we are at night. Generally speaking I wear either an abena m4 or a northshore supreme to bed every night. Both diaper fit me well and I don’t generally suffer from any leaks. However, I have noticed on occasion that I am woken up by a pain...
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    Would you date an incontinent person?

    I believe the answer would be yes. Would be kinda hypocritical of me to be concerned over someone else's diapers. Especially when I have a closet full of my own :p. So, assuming we were compatible and there were no other underlying issues I couldn't deal with I would say yes.
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    Do you honestly trust your nappies?

    I do to a degree. In the mornings I'm always cautious because I tend to wet pretty heavily. Since I sit down a lot for my job I tend to try and find a diaper that has a high capacity rating and a good amount of padding upfront. I have found that using Rearz, Abu, and some of the high-performance...
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    Tips on wearing alone/ being little alone?

    I find that even now that I have a supportive GF Im still a bit of an alone time little. That probably to be expected seeing as we don't get much time together right now due to distance and work; so I prefer to stay big when we have alone time. However, despite this lack of play time I still...
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    Seeing yourself as something/someone different.

    For me, my sona is a representation of who I am on the inside. So in a way, my answer is yes but also no. I see me as me. I recognize that I am who I am, I am the one who has achieved my goals, and I am the one who has managed to snatch a wonderful Girlfriend and Mommy. But also I see myself as...
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    Who Else Was Only A Furry But Later Got Into The Habit of Babyfur / Diaperfur

    I know in my instance I had an interest in diapers before I became a furry but I was in complete denial about that part of myself. I remember my first introduction to the furry fandom oddly was Furry Jade Fox. I remember browsing his site for hours back in the day. Eventually, I took the plunge...
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    Thanks for the follow! *Smiles and crinkle wags*

    Thanks for the follow! *Smiles and crinkle wags*