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    *Pokes* Thanks for RP'ing with me :3
    Blue eyes, red paci, I guess. Sorry about the late response, I've been busy. :p

    I just went and saw that the animation was complete, and I love how it turned out. Again, sorry I was a little late, but I love it. I left you a comment in the thread. :)
    Khajiit ( i i knew its was spelt somthing like that :p)

    they are really good a sneaking and stealing :S
    Playing skyrI'm Is a more that valid excuse :D.
    Did you pick to Play as s kashik ( the lepod type people). If so did bring a furry affect your decision ??

    Thanks for the advise :)
    As weird as this sounds my fur doesn't has a name ( he has alway skis existed in my brain :S

    I've spend may hours trying to pick a name but I can't decide anything, do you have any suggestions ?
    It's fine! I'm sure it'll look wonderful... x No, not really :p It's mostly just that 'tuft' at the front.
    Ooooo, pony wedding? :p Have a few of them on different sides making an aisle in the middle, a 'couple' at the front (maybe with me trotting one of them over to the other, giving his/her partner a kiss :p), one at the front to perform the ceremony...*gigglegiggle* :p And my favourite Cutie Mark is Pinkie Pie's! :D
    Don't worry about it, you're not bugging me. :)

    You got what I meant by twirling. Spinning it on her finger or something like that. Yeah, you can omit the wink if you want, hehe. I don't know what you mean by ecchi, but I think I know what you mean in general. It's alright, flirty is fun. :3
    Hehe, sounds cool. :3 If you wanted to do the digimon crest, that's quite fine, but since you say it's put together, then don't worry about it. ^^
    1) I guess toys that would be appropriate for an older kid, for 'imaginative play', maybe some toy cars and dinosaurs...or even, oooh, My Little Ponies! :p Or maybe just some small stuffed animals, if that's too tricky.

    2) I don't mind at all! I AM chubby :p I think it's cute in babyfur no problems there...

    3) Honestly, I'd rather the diaper be hidden or just 'poking out', buuuuut I don't really mind. If it is showing, I don't really have any special requests, other than 'cute' :p Maybe a pull-up? IDK :p

    4) No, I don't, but if you decide to put it on the tag says 'Charlie'...not very creative, and I doubt you'd be able to read it anyway, but there you go... :p

    Thank you very very much for this! I'm very excited to see what you do with her! :O
    O.o I posted this on my own page by mistake.

    I'm not big into digimon, no, why do you ask?
    Nothing too special on the hair; mid length, maybe a little messy. Flower or bow in the hair to one side optional.
    For the diaper, how about a cloth one this time? Plain white, safety pins. No plastic pants, hehe.

    Uhm, I'm not sure what you mean, really. She is a tomboy, and everyone knows it/has gotten used to it. Her normal attire (which really isn't relevant here) and behavior is masculine, and her friends and family aren't really aware that she has a feminine side this strong. The only thing is she doesn't try to be a boy, just a very boyish girl, if that makes sense. I'm confusing myself a little here. ^^; Most of this is to explain character and such, it would be hard to bring out her tomboyishness in some form or another, unless her facial expression could suggest it, but that doesn't really matter.
    Thanks for Choosing me :)

    Any sort of building blocks would be great.
    Bonjovi, ACDC, scorpions, GnR (whatever you find easiest)

    As far as the pullups something can you make them relatively mature ( almost "teeny" with a hint of babyishness :)
    My favorite equation is a set of three, in the following order:

    x(t) = 1/2at2 + vot + xo

    v(t) = dx/dt

    a(t) = dv/dt

    The first defines position, the second velocity, and the third acceleration of an object in (the case of the ball) free fall.

    How about a red ball, the medium-sized inflatable rubber kind that's about the same size as a basketball.

    Sorry I don't have a proper ref yet... I've been working on one, just hasn't been art priority #1. The most accurate I've got is the train pic I linked. Another artist, Amiko, did a pretty good job of simplifying the markings: REQUEST: Tygon as Count von Count by Amiko by Tygon_Cub -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    I'm not sure how to describe how they behave... as part of the fur, I guess? Sorry if I'm being too literal >.<. The lion tuft on the end of the tail is longer fur, so I guess it would move more if there was wind.

    Yep, I like bugs. Hmm... I like praying mantises, walking sticks, bumblebees, grasshoppers, and anything bizarre or colorful: Flickr: Pretty Strange BUGS!

    And thank you :). I enjoy yours as well.
    Thanks for picking my 'sona ^^

    For clothes... honestly the little tiger-lion boy doesn't much care what he's dressed in, as long as it's not girly or pink XP. Overalls are generally a favorite, but if you want to pick out different outfit, I won't mind. I do favor bold red/blue/green/yellow combinations. If you want to spiff it up, prints of dinosaurs, construction equipment, or other boyish things are good. If you're looking for minimalism, just a diaper is fine, too.

    Spots are placed on the forelegs, forearms, and on the forehead, like a lion cub. Where there aren't spots, stripes are placed like a tiger. Pretty much like these two mixed together:,1202153757,3/stock-photo-lion-cub-months-and-tiger-cub-months-in-front-of-a-white-background-9275605.jpg)

    I know, that's what bothered me into sending this... I'm going to leave it alone from this point. ;-;
    I looked back and felt like I was being a little far from thoughtful when it came to making my request. You're doing this for free and the opportunity was there. That being said, I apologize if I have made things harder than they needed to be, and as I put in the thread, if it would be easier or more enjoyable for you to not do the animation request, then that is perfectly fine with me.
    YaY! I saw your work on all of my friends fursonas, and I'm very interested. :thumbsup:
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