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  • Hey Jay, I think you were the one that lives in MA. Have you ever heard of a Town Called Raymond, NH? I was there last night, and theres this new store called mr G salvage and surplus store. They have some adult briefs there, though I didnt get a good look at them, they also had XL girls goodnites there, a mega pack for like 7 bucks. THey also had small underjams and a few other things.... IF you interested they are off exit 5 on 101. in the strip mall accross from mcdonalds. I would guess, abot 45mins from you.
    hey Jay congrats on yoru VIP status
    u know if i owned a airline or hotel, etc, i'd always give u a VIP upgrade and a goodie bag with diaper samples in it! LOL
    I would love to give you +2 repuation for being so kind and amazing with shipping my care package and everything.....................but I dont know how to do it from your page! I will do that if I see your postings in the fourum sections, but if I dont find you, please send me a private message with instructions and I will do that for you. (Sorry about being so slow with this sight, I am still sort of new.)
    Whats up? i live in Rhode Island. Noticed you lived in boston. Thought i would drop you a line. xD
    sup Jay welcome to adisc! Yo we had a blast at the party earlier this month! When's the next party!!?? ~Will
    Hey NEJay, nice intro. You sound very interesting. I've always wondered what it would be like to go to a diaper EVENT, with lots of other diaper wearers. I hope to hear more from you. By the way, what is DB?
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