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    Gender neutral almost

    Well, I too would say I identify as a more general neutral sort of person. The idea at least for me is while I am somewhat interested in "girly" clothes it doesn't really strike my interest because it's feminine but rather because it's just something I have never experienced being male. I...
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    Good morning, how are you I'm Doctor Worm.

    Good morning, how are you I'm Doctor Worm.
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    Thomas Was Alone

    Have to say it certainly was a delightful little game with its own neat little experience. Kind of funny to see how much you can understand and know the characters after so little time when other games and media seem to have such a hard time doing so now. However, as Fire2box had mentioned the...
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    Grow Up Already.... Jeesh!

    Trailer aside was I the only one to find it funny how all the little award things it received or whatever all had the same little leaf things next to them? You'd think someone would figure out something different when there's that many.
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    Worst movie youve ever seen

    I feel like worst movie has to be based on what aspect of the film went wrong, though I generally side with the first Twilight movie. I was forced to sit through most of it and I cannot think of a movie with worse written and executed dialogue. Another one to mention is James Cameron's Avatar...
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    Be an Example!

    Really these sorts of threads are more a like a rite of passage for forums. People come around, establish themselves, get what they need from the place, and then go. When people see the same questions again and again a majority will feel like they've said what they can say already and feel...
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    A Retrospective Through Mysterious Eyes

    So for whatever reason I've been thinking back to all the time I've spent here. To all those that are interested, here's a little retrospective of the times I've had through my point of view. I have been around adisc for quite some time. Now, I haven't quite been the most active...
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    english teacher

    Well, did the teacher have a reason to say what they did? It helps to take a step back and look from their shoes, often times high school teachers have to deal with large numbers of students that are nearly considered legal adults yet most never really act as such. It can be really frustrating...
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    Why Can't We Get A 'Normal' Person To Represent ABDL's On TV?

    Some of my following comments may have already been discussed but... Honestly no network has anything to gain by putting a good image of an AB or DL on TV, one of the first simple issues. Portraying this community as not totally out there puts them at risk of seeming too strange to many...
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    Star Wars

    My general opinion is that films 4-6 were enjoyable and fun to watch. Then films 1-3 were a complete mess when it came to making a plot that made sense or making any characters likable. It always shows a big problem for me in any media when I don't care if the "good guys" die horribly or succeed.
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    Guitar lessons

    I'd have to say still give it a shot, even if it's not your style it's still good to push your comfort zones and expand horizons. There's always something that could be taken from it. Also if you go deeper into the rabbit hole of music theory you can find ways to make your chord progressions...
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    Guitar lessons

    Well always some of the things to do are learn some basic scales (major, natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor) and chord progressions. ( I - IV - V - I, I - IV - ii - V, the infamous I - V - vi - IV, and their minor variants) Also if you want to learn things by ear I have a solution...
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    Remakes vs. The Original

    I think the main one that comes to mind is Christopher Nolan's Insomnia, while I haven't seen the original film, his remake of the material at least holds up and manages to be a good enough film. The main issue that always seems to crop up is the motivation of the remake. If something is being...
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    What is your first reason to join ADISC?

    Well, I also am one of those members who joined adisc because the old site went down, but I get the feeling that's not exactly what the topic creator was getting at. I had initially joined this site way back when because I was rather curious of this whole community, and this place seemed like a...
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    Depends, my courses have me listening to quite a bit of classical or baroque era music with a bit of romantic era pieces interspersed in. Otherwise I tend to swap between various genres of metal, and on occasion some video game sound tracks.