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  • ok kool
    hope your having a fun summer.
    I think aidan (from Kansas) is on adisc.
    Can i tell him your SN here?
    - Will
    yo, i just read your blog, sorry your dad "found out" and screamed at you!
    I hope things work out somehow!
    - Will :)
    hey man
    whats doing in "Central America!" LOL (figure of speech)
    Hope you have a great summer, be kool!
    Top right corner says "Settings", go there and on the left hand side is a list of options. Pick "Edit Signature". Newb. :tongueout:
    i am sick n tired of winter! We've had a ton of snow, looking forward to all the wonders of springtime!
    ~ Will
    Oh, cause I love diapers and pullups, + goodnites too!
    I wet the bed till a few weeks after I turned 14, I know how it was keeping all my friends away from my room (bed had plastic mattress covers you could usually hear when u sat on it), and the sleepover stress, etc.
    "been there" and just wanted to welcome ya, that there's REALLY people just like you around!!!
    ~ Will
    I'm not trying to be mean, but the first thing you say to someone shouldn't be "I'm looking for friends."

    That's kinda creepy.
    Hello, I guess?

    Just because I'm a TB doesn't mean we should be friends...
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