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  • Hello ☺ My name is Snaps. I may have already introduced my self to you, but if I haven’t. Hello :-D

    I am the Group Manager of the Australian Group here on the Site, and I’m inviting all of the Australians on the site to become a member, thus making it easier to interact with other fellow Australians ☺

    If you are interested, Please follow the link and join the group ☺ - Aussie's Unite!

    Hope to see you soon ☺

    Reading your "if you don't like the country then fuck off" statement reminded me of Chopper. :D
    Ty Funky, pretty sure I saw it on some website once, then when I needed an avatar for here I remembered it and googled it. lol.
    Everyone gets picked on. Wait until you get all the rep, or become a woman. Then you get all the respects!

    Just kidding. Sort of.

    Don't be put off by the people replying to your thread. I'm not too sure about it's integrity but nothing on the internet is sacred so I have to be that way about everything. And on a site like this where we get lots of fake stories and impostors, you have to be suspicious, especially when someone (like yourself) makes one thread for every seven posts they make. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it raises some flags. Just remember that this is a community, and if you want to receive positive results, you have to make positive contributions.

    Easy enough? :)

    Hopefully you stick around. We're actually nice.
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