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    How many of you like to mess?

    I don't do it as often as I want to, but simply due to lack of time. Cleanup isn't as bad if you use nitrile gloves for wiping, then hop in the shower.
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    Messing and Clean up

    -USE POWDER-FREE NITRILE (NOT LATEX) GLOVES!!!!!!! -Take off diaper ONLY with gloves on. -Try and drop the main mess into the toilet. -Once done wiping, take off gloves. -Have a small, dedicated soap dispenser with dishwasher soap at the ready for shower. Dishwasher soap is stronger than usual...
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    Messing at night.

    I've got a wonderful compromise for you: afternoon nap after messing (and possibly making stickies :blushie: ). Have done it several times, sweetest feeling minus the risk of prolonged exposure. :P
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    Anyone with insider contacts in Abena? Pretty desperate...

    There are NO plastic-backed brands in Israel. It's really annoying, everyone (including tena...) has gone cloth-backed.
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    Anyone with insider contacts in Abena? Pretty desperate...

    I'm looking for anyone who has good contacts inside Abena and can possibly get them to send a few cases of plastic-backed abri-forms. Abena's exclusive import company in Israel, Raz Progress, doesn't import plastic-backed Abenas to Israel. This is mainly due to a direct decision from Abena not...
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    Messing away from home

    You have awesome friends. How come vanilla people insisted on that?
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    Sleeping In a Messy Diaper

    I think an afternoon nap in a messy diaper is a healthier alternative to sleeping in one the whose night.
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    The Snuggies Sabotage Conspiracy?

    Well, that was a really put together explanation, bambinod. thank you for clarifying!
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    The Snuggies Sabotage Conspiracy?

    I disagree. First of all, Snuggies was such a small niche company compared to the Huggies conglomerate that it's not that plausible that Huggies would have found out by themselves. Secondly, in the United States there is a law called the "parody law", just Google "stupid Starbucks".
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    The Snuggies Sabotage Conspiracy?

    Just thought of yet another silly little conspiracy: what if the reason Huggies ever found out about Snuggies was that a rival abdl company had tipped them off? Discuss. :detective1:
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    Baby powder yes or no?

    Lotion- YES!!!! Powder- good for atmosphere but has very little effect.
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    What would be your ultimate little/AB event?

    This was done in lincoln play area:!lincoln/ccxr
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    Crying as a fantasy?

    Recently I've had a thought: Some day, when I get into little space with someone, I really want to end up crying like a 4 year old. A real little meltdown, and have a "daddy" calm me down. I even know why. I am a very impressionable and sensitive person. I take everything extremely personally...
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    Change me. (Short poem)

    I didn't have a specific meter in mind, (never studied meters actually...) but did pay attention to rhythm. I mixed a few meters unconciously. The different meter in the last verse however was a conscious decision.
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    Change me. (Short poem)

    Thanks guys. I changed the title of the thread, hopefully people will have a better idea of what's in it.