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  • ...or simply google things when I don't know what they are and they seem to be pointing to something interesting :)
    I'm not sure how you did the maths MsClara yet, thank you! :) -MsMarka ;)
    No more Riddle - it's solved ;) I wonder if I'll follow suit with MsMarka? :dunno:
    Clara! I missed you so much, and I am sorry I haven't been able to be on.

    Silly 'Toto'...Everyone knows that you wear a blue and white cotton dress...with the ruby-reds...and certainly not a G-string too !? :rollseyes:
    yea, Queen Marka forgot her red-dress, G-string and ruby slippers (knowing smile)
    besides, she gave up the stage years ago....
    Marka Fear not Brutus, for I cannot be your queen...for as much as I would like to be...though too I love you all so well. :smile1:
    MsClara, a nod to we do skype now and again... :hug: -Marka
    Love it!! Yeah, *holds up a pint* I can't drink this, so I'll give you cheers and you can drink for two. :)
    Thanks for being nice to Savage Heart Warrior Moosha Star-Born Dragon-Human. I Thank you for the kind words you sound like a nice person thank you .
    Top of the morning to ya,Clara!(well,it's Monday morning here in Las Vegas) No connections in Cardiff, or anywhere south of U.K.. My ancestors are from Sheffield & Stoke-on-Trent.There's a fascination & enigma(sometimes) about Las Vegas-we're just blokes getting on with normal life.Just glad my life is "normal" for me. Snowball weather for ya?----Cool! We get snow maybe once a year,except for Mount Charleston(20 miles outside of town)-they have a ski resort/snow for about 3 1/2 months. If messages are a bit slow,sorry!!! sometimes things malfunction around the house & may take me a couple o' days to get them.Enjoy the day! changedlife
    MsRiddle,I presume! it's changedlife.Just taking a while to get around to everyone! I just wanted to thank you for wanting me as a friend.Close to Wales,are you? How is the winter weather holding up around your neck of the woods? Even though there is a big time difference,(11 hours or so-I'm inWestern USA)you can message me anytime to talk about whatever is on your mind.Let's talk! Take care._changedlife-
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