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    Vintage Adult Diaper Styles

    I hear the hype about vintage Attends all the time. Even see people buy 30 year old packs of them only to be disappointed. Attends in the 80s were thin, lacked SAP and overall just sucked. The only exception was the Ultra Attends - the precursor to Overnight Attends - which were twice as thick...
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    Has anyone tried little for big nursery diapers?

    Not a fan myself. I bought a couple of their prints for shooting and was disappointed. They look good, but that's about it. They don't hold much and have a tendency to leak if slept in. In our experience, wearing them wet for a moderate amount of time results in uncomfortable and unsightly...
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    Shipping Damage on boxes of Diapers

    Just keep in mind that you know the full details of what was in the box, so that bit showing might seem like an awkward exposure. To your vanilla mail carrier, it could have been anything. I can think of a dozen things that might look like the edge of a diaper peeking out of a box. I wouldn't...
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    Online dating etiquette for abdl

    If your kink is a primary part of your life, you need to get it out in the open early on. Otherwise one of two things may happen. You will be unable to partake in your kinks for fear of driving away your partner OR your partner will feel lied to and pull away. Be fair to any future partners and...
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    I thought they didn't ship until October? Are they doing samples somewhere I missed?
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    Rearz Dino diaper.

    The complaint I keep seeing is that some think he should get a portion of the profits. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. I've had this issue with potential models in the past. They think that since they are going to be in videos, they should get royalties. My issue with that is I spend...
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    Genuine Advice?

    Honesty is the best policy. There is no telling how she will react, but if diapers is as important to you as it is to others you need to get that out in the open. If you keep it hidden, it will eventually lead to resentment for your partner.
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    How did your diaper life start?

    Probably easiest to link to what I wrote on the subject. I hope posting links is okay. I'll edit it out if not.
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    Rearz Dino diaper.

    What I've managed to learn about the Rearz situation: Note that this is all secondhand information. Please correct me if any part of this is wrong. An artist was commissioned to do artwork that would potentially be used on a diaper. They paid him $160 for his work, which he seems okay with...
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    Amazon Prime Day - Any ABDL deals?

    I have a friend that works in the marketing department of Amazon. She said the vast majority of Prime Day deals fit into three categories. 1. Overstocks that haven't sold well. Offer deep discounts for one day and it moves them out of the warehouses. 2. They push third party sellers to offer...
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    Best Wipes

    Second on Neophyte's suggestion. The Pampers Complete Clean are great wipes and definitely have that nursery smell.
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    How many of you would buy upsized goodnites?

    The reason adult pullups don't need a wide range of sizes is because they have those weird loose fitting elastic sides. The type of elastic used in actual Goodnites stretches well, but not far enough to encompass the standard size differences between small/medium/large/etc.
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    If you were famous would it be hard hiding your AB/DLism?

    I think those types of rumors tend to be looked at as just rumors. If a famous person were ABDL, it would be poked fun at but otherwise mostly ignored. Miley Cyrus straight up said she was an adult baby on a talk show. Did an entire video wearing a diaper. Posted photos of herself in her...
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    How old are you?

    45 here
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    How many of you would buy upsized goodnites?

    This is something I've looked into in the past. I considered having them made and starting a new business around it. However, after researching it for longer than I care to admit, I found that the variance of adult bodies makes upsizing GoodNites infeasible. In toddler sizes, the difference...