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  • Thanks for that MrMcAwesome. Must have a look at places like Murrays next time I'm in that way. Much handier to be able to have a look at a range on a shelf and pick a packet off it without having to talk about it to staff. Took a look at their website just there - seems to be a decent range. Never thought of somewhere like there!
    Love being mommy, Tony loves his Sweet Bean. C section was terrifying! They had me in the room by myself for like 5 minutes while they were prepping me. Then they put up a blue screen so I couldn't see anything and had already started cutting when they finally let Tony in. After he was holding my hand I was fine. Much better than having to have to go through labor and now any future pregnancies will be c sections as well. I was up and walking around that night. It was hard and awkward but I did it :) the most sucky thing of all was I had become even more swollen after they took her out :( and stayed that way for about a week.
    Sooo, baby was born via semi emergency/scheduled c section. She was 5 lbs 5oz 18in long. May 6th 2013 @ 7:53am. Her name is Ellasyn Jean :) she has a full head of light brown hair that sometimes looksblonde, sometimes red.
    Oh, and I had to be in the hospital for 3 hours yesterday, and probably 3 more tomorrow... They put me on restricted bed rest and I have to collect my pee for 24 hrs, and keep it refrigerated. And if my blood pressure increases and/or their is more protein in my urine they might be forcing my daughter to come out early :) which means I don't have to be pregnant anymore and will get to hold my baby.

    Sorry for the long rant about me... I hate bed rest already... And I don't like being poked with needles nor having tubes shoved up my pee hole!

    That's pretty wicked about how the guys think you are the shit and such. And those kind of diapers are my favorite too.
    Not many essentials. I mean ya, clothes are essential, but I only got a few blankets, nobody got any of the breastfeeding supplies I had wanted, or the pacifiers I wanted. I didn't get any hygiene items for her. Well I got TONS of soap/lotion (I probably wont need to buy any for a year) but no nail clippers or things like that. My mom and grandma are the ones who continually buy the things that I didn't get or still need. I know I sound totally ungrateful. I appreciate everything I got and I love all the outfits. I just wish that people would've looked at what we needed and such. We literally have 72 outlet plug covers... I mean seriously who has 36 double outlets in their home? We won't even need those until she is crawling which won't be until she is at least 6 months old!
    Um, I will never miss the sausage toes! They rub together funny and just don't feel good. I have naturally slender feet and toes so them being engorged is not my idea of a good time. Can't even fit into my shoes :'(

    Sorry about your injury! And cool on the diapers. Also, all the presents were for me ;) my daughter is going to be so well dressed. Hell, she has a Pink Floyd t shirt already haha
    Not a ton. Just had my baby shower today came home wig LOADS of stuff, mostly outfits haha. That and I'm sick of having sausages for toes! 4 more weeks of this crap then I can have my body back! What's new with you?
    No little time for me. Not because he won't or doesn't want too. Just too awkward with a baby inside of me... And my ever growing belly. It's uncomfortable just laying down let alone trying to get into little space. Can't move around very well either. No core strength at all. There was one or two times where i ended up being little for a little while. But mostly I had no control. I had woken up from a really bad dream and just needed to be held.

    Yeah, he's getting there slowly but surely. We're in this together.
    Not just me though, my parents are apparently paranoid too... Maybe because they worry? He says everyone is paranoid... Just depends on the situation at hand. I think I'm going to ban that word? So yeah, great news about your sis! Meanwhile, I am slowly losing my belly button D: and I can't wait to have little time once again!
    I definitely need to see her face before she gets a name. The only for sure name she has is her last one! Haha

    I thought maybe that's what the saying meant but better safe then sorry.
    Ugh, I'm tired! I had to take a trip to hospital at 12:30am and didn't get home till 230... Had symptoms of pre eclampsia... Then when I'm taking Tony to work I was telling him about it (i let him stay home and sleep because he works @ 5am) he told me that the reason he had moved out of the town we live in last time is because everyone is paranoid.... And I got so mad! Coming from the person who runs off to the mechanic for any little thing when my dad can fix the damn thing for free! His argument was he didn't want to have to fix it again in a month... When his own father goes to the mechanic and has had to take in 4 cars in multiple times in the last two years... And my dad has had to make small repairs here and there.... Srry venting! :D
    That's great that you are doing well in school. You did tell me about Ashley. I didn't know your sis was in Africa. And I don't know what you mean by Keith? Also, not sure about Godfather? We don't have much picked out lol. And apparently "we" are now liking Ellie and Elsie haha. I picked both out. I have a feeling her name is just going to start with an "E".
    Hey, you, with the face. It's been ages! By the by I can't remember if I told you it's a girl :) and she will be here in 2 short months! Also, we like the name Erin Rose.
    Thanks for stopping by no Craic here and yes it is great to see other Irish baby. We are few and far between. Any Craic your end?
    fuckin' mind ninja's >.> seriously so much shit with Tony is going on... waaaaaay to messed up to go into.... Like we had a date set for the wedding and now it's all fucking up in the air.... it's just fucked the shit up.... I really wish I knew what the hell was going on....
    i play the trumpet =)
    im pretty bad though lol, theres only 2 of us in the entire band and over 20 Alto Saxafones so were kind of out-numbered
    have you ever heard of the song "Star of the County Down"?
    i played it in my orchestra and it sounded Irish
    Lame sauce! But still it's good practice and such. I've done that before too. happy turkey day :) not sure if you celebrate that?
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