My life is complicated. I move around a lot. Maybe one day I'll meet all the people who joined ADISC in the last....err....5 years.

Where do I begin? I like trying new things I guess.
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English Teacher
Favourite diaper
Anything that isn't the cheap 'Caryn' Vietnamese diaper that seems to be on sale here
Personal Space
I used to be called Bene on the other forum but decided it was time for a name change.

I've been an 'active' DL now for over 10 years but felt the desires all my life. I'm not really into the AB side of things but feel quite passive and relaxed when I wear diapers. I also like to cuddle a lot more when I am in them.

I guess I've really accepted being a DL as part of my life and I know I will always need to have some diapers around for something to do though I would never want to wear 24/7 as I think that would add a lot of complications to my life.

Other than that I live in Vietnam and teach English to the Vietnamese. My life is complicated but fun and I recommend anyone with the opportunity to teach English abroad to go and do it.