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  • Pride day in my city. Gonna hopefully meet some ABDLs and hang out with a new err friend. ;)
    Well the last few days were pretty damn shit. Can't say why coz the stories are too damn hot but feelin the heat for sure
    Well my 24/7 life is getting busy. Made a tinder profile that is err pretty damn obvious and my likes exploded. A few scary ones but some interesting. Shame I have someone else in mind hehe.
    10 years ago, I was getting ready to be married to the love of my life
    10 years ago, I was fully accepted as a DL by my fiancee and feeling like I never even needed to come back to the ABDL scene except to say 'hi' now and then and remind everyone I was still here
    10 years ago, I thought things would never change and I would fight all my life to stay together with the love of my life.
    Oh how everything has changed.
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    People do change; the real tragedy is experiencing just how much they--or we--can change. The worst is how gals believe they can change a guy and how guys hope a gal never changes. An oft-tragic paradox of life. Beenere, dunnat. :cry:
    Soo still going 24/7 despite my Mom saying a few days after telling her that she doesn't like it. (FFS I'm a working adult who moved back due to family issues and a mental breakdown.)
    Kinda not feeling any reason to purge anymore and just enjoying being secure all the time. Started buying onesies and rompers. Got a bit've a thing with buying matching clothing with some AB diapers. Using standard brands mostly though.
    I'm thinking of buying rompers but I think I'll take things slowly until my other half gets used to seeing me in nappies
    Eeek my first day starting a new job in another country. Been 8 months since I worked and 13 months since I was in a full time contract. Kinda nervous coz I had a bit've a breakdown and came back and rediscovered my ABDL side. The diapers stay on now since I'm doing good but need that little feeling of comfort and security. Business suit and formal attire on top so going full stealth mode.
    I didn't know that your account is still active, are you still in Vietnam?
    Afraid not. Back in the UK now. Read some posts to see why.
    Feeling happy today. Still going strong and feeling confident on my 24/7 stint. Almost 2 weeks in and stocked up with over 100 nappies (tena maxi and molicare and tena Ultima and tykables for the night)
    Kinda embracing my DL side and getting a little bit of an AB kink with the tykables camo range. Gonna likely order the hoodie and more of them hehe. Baby with a credit card.
    dud I'm glad you thot it was funny.I do fined homer in it to my self.
    the way this ether members react to my happy moment got me in a bad mood.
    so I thank you for your now you thin of it?it was a stooped move to poll down my pants
    Hi Mr E,

    I am interested in finding adult diapers for my personal use. Could you kindly advice me on which are the available brands in Vietnam? I am currently reside in Singapore, but I plan to make frequent trips down to Vietnam if possible. Also, I heard you mentioning about the brand Caryn in one of your posts. I think I heard someone mentioned to me about this brand before, and I would like to find out more about this diapers.

    Kindly reply me soon. I look forward for your reply.

    Warm regards,
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