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    A small but huge gesture

    With COVID 19 in full swing I haven't seen my girlfriend in about 2 weeks. She knows I am an ABDL and is okay but doesn't participate. A few years ago I had a mental breakdown and took my wearing way too far (still live at home) and bombarded her with this side of me when it was all still new. 5...
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    Just bought my first AB/DL diapers and I'm worried...

    The original intention was only when I was home alone.... thanks COVID.
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    Just bought my first AB/DL diapers and I'm worried...

    Hey there, so I just bought some Tykables and Dotty sample packs as I was feeling daring. They just arrived and I managed to receive them without rousing my house mates awake. I've never worn a plastic backed diaper and OH GOD THEY ARE LOUD! I opened it up and messed around with the wings and...
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    My source is getting too familiar.

    This is mostly just a post to hopefully alleviate some of my anxiety about today's interaction. So I noticed that I was low on diapers today so I made a trip into the city to pick up some more. I always buy from a small elder care shop just outside down town, and have been doing so on a not...
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    How is AB/DL best explained?

    Hey everybody. I'm making this post because I recently came out to my girlfriend through a stream of rum induced tears. She says she wants to understand this fetish/lifestyle for me so I wanted to ask for some help. I want to know what being an infantilist, adult baby or diaper lover and...
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    Finished Abby's diapers

    I'd recommend DL. Perhaps with slight AB treatment but nothing beyond a bottle and pacifier
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    Nearly caught. Completely stressed out.

    I'm trying my best to quiet my mind about it. I take comfort that he brought it up in front of people, I assume that means he already had his doubts.
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    Nearly caught. Completely stressed out.

    I have been hiding my adult baby activities since I was thirteen years old with only a few minor hiccups along the way. I have never told anyone and thankfully never had to explain this to anyone before. Two days ago a mutual friend between my sister and I approached me in front of a group of...
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    If you could have any celebrity to be your mummy or daddy who would it be?

    Sarah Chalke. (Elliot Reid from Scrubs)
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    A Proper Introduction

    My favourite comic would have to be "The Boys" either that or "The Walking Dead" they are both equally fantastic. Are you a fellow comic book reader?
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    A Proper Introduction

    Well unfortunately for myself I cant afford a computer of my own and my mother doesn't want me taking up all the ram on her computer so I have to stick to console gaming. As for my diapers I can only get Drynites but I dont particularly mind them as they get the job done. As for my favourote COD...
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    A Proper Introduction

    Hey I've been a member of this website for quite some time and I just noticed that I really don't know anyone here. So I've decided to introduce my self properly after all this time. My name is Mouse. I am 17 years old and I am a DL. I live in a small airport town in Ireland with my mother and...
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    A Big Accident.

    Thanks guys for the reassurance I'll post back here in worst case senario that it happens again.
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    A Big Accident.

    Ok so here I am just sitting in my room watching Batman Beyond when out of nowhere I got the sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I jumped up and made my way for the bathroom slightly hunched over due to tight cramps in my stomach. I barely made it out the door when the pains got drastically...
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    Help. What's wrong with me?

    I must ask why cut yourself. Ive had friends that have in the past and they all regret it. The way I see it is if you can't be proud of yourself then who can. Ive gone through these kind of feelings, and Ive come to realise that this is the way I am and yeah I am a freak but in the end it makes...