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  • The Reindeer Puppy says:
    Hi Mornival!

    Glad you liked this video... I ROCK ONESIES!!! (COMEDY RAP) OFFICIAL VIDEO! - YouTube

    Haha yeah... sounds like peachy alright. I love the guy he always makes me laugh. so what about you? how long have you been apart of the community?
    Yeah peachy is amazing he was telling me about what he did in chemistry when he was younger. Anyone who finds ways to blow things up is school a decent bloke in my book.
    Yeah Get hard to keep them all strait after a while though. I've found out how much of a pain it is to remember a person then see them with a name change.
    I know posts seem t rack up fast so you decided to go with the new name then?
    No problem I was glad to help you. Besides I got to earn my keep here right?
    I'd say we haven't talked much because you don't seem to be very active.
    Yo, yah deffinatly hit me up more often, miss talking, but I can't talk to you if you never ever get online...
    Hi Celtic, HaPPy BiRtHdAY man! Hope you get everything you wanted and hope you're having an awesome day ^_^ !
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