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  • Moo, greetings! Thank you for your replies and consideration of my Banned Members/Top Stats and Rep Power threads. I appreciate all your help. Thanks very much!
    I wanted hot chocolate today, but I couldn't, 'cause I ran out of milk.
    What I'm really trying to say is...
    Get squirtin', slacker. :3
    I had a feeling you would join my cow group =D...It's now not as depressing having me as the only one in it D=
    Moo, just wanted to say hi. Thanks for all of the work that you are doing on the is greatly apprcitated. Only thing I ask, can you please bring back the ban reasons. This is well agreed apon in the community that they should be brought back.
    Moo, your awesome ^^, and the first person that deserves respect+infinity by me, only 3 people have this from me on the whole site, you deserve it because you made the site ^^
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