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    How much money do you think you have spent on being diapered over your life

    About £30k at a guess for the past 20 years. Worth every penny in my opinion and would have only spent it on something else.
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    Is NappiesRus any good?

    Good prices and quick delivery but maybe it’s just me who doesn’t get the discrete packaging. They always come to me in the manufactures box and if you know what a box of Tena or Molicare nappies looks like then you know they are a box of Tena or Molicare nappies. Luckily I’m not as bothered as...
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    Am i the only one that actually like medical diapers ?

    I have tried printed nappies on occasion but they don’t add any appeal for me. I regularly use Tena and Molicare which I quite like but my favourite design is plain white.
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    Does anybody cut material off Tykables?

    Aside from Tena, which already has the profile that fits me best, I always trim a section with scissors of the lower wings on my nappies for a better fit. I find on most nappies the top tapes fit fine but the lower ones only just reach the wings, by trimming they can go a couple of inches from...
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    Excitement of wearing diapers diminishes

    My interest has never waned and I’ve been back in nappies 24/7 for about 20 years.
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    UK disposable nappy nostalgia 80s/90s

    Interesting that the Peaudouce are called baby slips when our nappies are often referred to as slips. E.g. Tena slip, Molicare slip maxi, ID slip.
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    1980s and 1990s plastic disposables YouTube video

    Nice video, the 1985 nappies would have almost been what I would have worn during my first stint of 24/7.
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    The better dry / crinklz tape issue struck again

    I have never had any problems on the first taping with these luckily. On any nappy I’ve used I tend to find that the second set of tapes don’t last long but think this must be prolonged body heat affecting the adhesive and once pulled off blue bit is then weakened. Talking of the blue bits, my...
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    My foreskin is always forward in my nappy, the odd time I left it back I found it uncomfortable. As for the comments with forward and backwards when weeing and spray in either position, I can’t remember that far back! I’ve not weed outside of a nappy for about 20 years.
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    Kitsune's Sunday question rd 3

    If I had to choose then I would say the Molicare Maxi. It’s the only nappy which I am able to fall asleep in for some reason.
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    Nappy addiction/hoarding. Spent £444.19 on nappies alone this month.

    I wear 24/7 and have done for about 20 years. I did go through a stage of binge and purge before that but decided that I love nappies so much that went 24/7 permanently and will be in them for the rest of my life. I would say why fight it. I have been known to spend far more than that in a...
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    Tena active fit improvements

    Leak guards still very short and the padding is the same. I don’t find either of these things a functional issue but do like the look of high leak guards. There is another slight change which is the width of the front wings has reduced slightly thus making them more trim fitting. This was just...
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    SAGE, Covid and public toilets

    Yes I've heard them called face nappies too. Of course the only draw back would be could you imagine the panic buying! Also, please excuse the size of the screenshots, don't know why they were so big.
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    SAGE, Covid and public toilets

    I was just reading a recent article in which SAGE (UK group of scientists who are advising with regards to Covid) have said that public toilets are one of the worst places for picking up the virus. I am glad I wear 24/7 and don’t have much use for public toilets other than if I need a change...