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    AB Daycare in BC

    Hey everybody ive been wondering and searching for an AB daycare in BC Canada. Somewhere where people like us can meet and hang out freely and enjoy being who we want to be. I live near vancouver and im willing to travle even if its out of the way. But anyway let me know your thoughts i would...
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    How long do you keep your diaper on after use?

    i usualy keep it on for an hour or less, i would like to keep it on longer but im not realy in a position to do so and i worry about disposal and the smell
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    Will Abena Extras last a whole day?

    you can usualy tell if their getting too full so just put one on and try it
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    Remember your first cardboard box ?

    Haha i dont remember my first cardboard box but i remember a few i had so much fun in them i used to find the scissors and cut little spy holes in it and i think i had my teady and my blankey in there. I miss those days. But you can get realy big boxes from stuff or tape boxess together XD...
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    First Pacifier Experiance

    yea make SURE you hide it in the morning. The first time i went to get diapers i knew i left it in my bed and i was talking to my mom on my cellphone and she was complaining about how cold it was in the house and she said oh its beacuse your windows was open and i heard a window shut and i just...
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    Long lost hiding spot - REMEMBERED!

    I do the same thing i bought a computer almost 2 years ago and i have the computer box and i just got back from the store and i put my diapers in there it works great i have some other boxes ontop of it so nobody knows whats in the box XD
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    My worst diaper run ever.

    NOT MURPHYS LAW!!!!!!! in grade 11 some kids in sour school including myself went to europe for a trip and the verry FIRST holtel manager brought up murphys law and the whole trip was disastrous one thing after another... but i still had lots of fun XD
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    Your Favorite Soup(s)

    probably cream of mushroom or clam chowder but when i was little (havent had any in like 10 years) ALPHAGETTIE i would love some alphagettie and you get to play with it to and tr to spell your name I LOVE THAT
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    I have a random, ridiculous, eyebrow-raising question.

    OHHHH RIGHT ON but serously guys are just jelous that we dont have boobs. BUT some do which is kinda grose and weird I personaly think it realy deoends on how you were raised and what affected you growing up. I mean you have one friend in the class that says AWW BOOBS ARE AWSOM!! And then...
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    I just got Rickroll while watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...

    Oh man ive been rick rolled so many times i almost swear that my friends go out of their way to find videos on youtube that have been dubbed with rick and his rolling lol
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    What do you do for Christmas?

    Hey everybody the holidays are coming up. I don't mean to be personal or anything but i was just wondering what everybody is going to be doing this fun and festive season from vacations to traditions. :hugpile:
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    Show us your desktop

    Hey how do you get the task bar and the bar at the top that looks like a mac?
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    Show us your desktop

    The first one was an a picture i took of my desktop that i sent to razer to try and win a free keyboard didn't win it and the second is my current desktop i tried to get a screen shot of my login cause its really really cool but it wont let me
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    new powder

    I know this is a bit extreme but i got a bunch of soapstone (talc) I am a welder so i just grab a bunch and grind it down. No smell what so ever and baby powder is usualy made up of corn starch or talcum powder aka talc aka soapstone HOORAY FOR WIKIPEDIA!!!!
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    Thinking about geting diapers

    WOOO i got them their not the ones i wanted BUT i did find the tenna ones but they come in a HUGE 24 or 28 pack but i got the depends super plus for free the lady at the store got them for her 50th birthday as a joke and she brought them to the store for testers. I used the excuse that my...