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  • Lol yup
    Imported the whole original series here
    So i have all 26 episodes
    Got to say Leopard my most favorite Character
    XD finally someone who knows Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo
    I cant tell you how many times i have mentioned and people are like what :/
    Oh and how rude of me of just to say that without introducing myself
    I am Noodle. Guard and Protector for the Gates of my own Mind XD.
    Cool! I'm up to Volume 3 (2nd disc) and it's gotten quite dark! I've noticed the Japanese have a habit of luring you in with campi-ness then turn serious and dark. Not that I'm complaining by any means. :p
    I'm back~! <3. I passed right by you moving out, too! I was all.. "I wonder if I can say hey.." But then I was all.. "I bet it'd be creepy. u.u"
    Heyyy, someone who finally understands the perfection that is Fall weather. xD I love how it feels but I wish I didn't live in NC :[ Always too hot.
    Hey you :< i made a post about FF 14 and that i was going to start playin in a day or two. If your computer doesnt explode we should totally meet up im gunna be a lalafell mage too! i played ff11 for like forever so dont worry im totally good at this :D
    I LOVE that picture of Crona.

    I still wonder if Crona is a boy or girl...?
    If you like Eluveitie, here are some good songs by them: Thousandfold (you already know), Uis Elveti, Calling the Rain, Bloodstained Ground, Primordial Breath, and Inis Mona. They're just some of my favorites, that you might like. :)
    Then I shall valiantly wait until then, fair maid.

    I kinda feel like RPing. PM me pl0x~
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