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    Are diapers sexual?

    I'm kind of curious... What's this "empty gun accident"?
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    Adam does it again...

    Kudos to Adam with Northshore. I ordered from them, on Tuesday morning, and it showed up last night, with standard shipping. Impressive, good sir. Plus l, like how nice they are, there were a few free goodies in them. Unfortunately, as I opened one package, I nicked a couple tiny holes in one...
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    What a waste, but kind of not...

    So I Padded up, this morning, in an XP5000. I was planning on wearing it all day, at work. But, I had a rough reaction to food from last night. So, 1/2 an hour after showing up, a fart turned into more. So while it saved my ass, literally (ass of my pants), I wasn't able to wearing it all day...
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    Low rize briefs

    Take a look at XP5000. It's a heavy absorbency brief. And it's a little pricey. But they are considerably low rise.
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    XP5000 chaffing?

    I just received some XP5000s and was excited to try them. I've been wearing Northshore supremes and supreme lights, for awhile and they're pretty good. However, I wore the XP5000 for a day (about 10 hours) and the inside of my thighs were charged. Anyone else have this happen?
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    Real world incon

    So, I came across this, the other day. And it looks like it's been around for a couple of years. It's a really neat site testing adult protection. I'm on here about once a week, average. So maybe I missed a post introducing it. But, here you go, anyway. Check it out. Stay...
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    Newest video social media challenge...

    Now I'm not on tik Tok. Hell, I'm not on Snapchat or Instagram or even Twitter. So it was only by luck that I heard on the radio this morning, the latest Tik Tok challenge. From what I understand, it's, with a straight face, pissing your pants. I'm sure, a lot of us, can handle that, just fine...
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    Beyond XP5000

    Can someone please share some pics of the XP5000? The 2 that Xpmedical has really doesn't show much.
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    So, oops...

    So recently, my wife has been putting me in diapers. And we have a 6 month old. Well, she's changing hik the other day, and she's taking a little extra time. I ask her to hurry up. She says "I'm trying to make it a little more enjoyable for him." To which I replied, "Diaper changes shouldn't be...
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    "W" shape vs "V" shape...

    For the record, this post is actually a joke. In my opinion, as well as many others, the "V" shape works best. I hope nobody took this seriously.
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    Well endowed question...

    I'll admit, I'm not the most well endowed man out there, but... Is there any one on here that IS well endowed when flaccid? Have you ever had trouble getting very dry their diapers to fit? I'm just curious. Stay Padded My Friends
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    Which wetting is your favorite?

    To me, there's nothing like the first wetting. The thickness getting thicker, while you feel new warmth show up. For those who wet multiple times (most of us), which wetting is your favorite?
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    "W" shape vs "V" shape...

    Some people say to fold the diaper into a "V" shape. That way it moves more liquid to the back. I say... Fold the diaper into a "W" shape. There are TWO "V"'s in a "W", and two is better than one. Stay Padded My Friends
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    So, finally going to give this a try... So excited.

    She really isn't into the diapers themselves, but she likes how they turn me on. And we're hoping that excitement will help her get more excited.
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    So, finally going to give this a try... So excited.

    So, I'm not on Twitter, but I feel like I'm twittering a diary, here. And for that, I apologise. But, just got another small wetting in (3rd one). Holding like a champ. A little swollen up front, of course. Not sure how much has wicked to the back. Now, I'm just anxious for my time with the...