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    Just wanted to stop by and say that your avatar is adorable <3.
    Nice! Haha I love that lyric, it can apply to a wide range of things
    The reindeer puppy says:

    Mmmmmm.... That's the name of one of their songs. I think they just more so made it into a song than steal it, know what I'm saying? :p
    For the Junkyard RP, you have to make a character sheet and PM him, then he will tell you if you are in or not. 99% of the time, there might be small adjustments but they will let you in.
    Ive been here since about October, but I didnt post much because Im in college, but I love this site, Im just trying to meet more people like me
    Hi Mitsukuni, I'm Mei. Nice to meet you. :)

    I just wanted to say that I really like the sketch in your profile! Is that a neko? :) It's really good. ^_^ Also, if you don't mind telling me, what manga/anime is the piccy in your profile from? It's kinda interesting. Lol.
    The worlds smartest people learn new stuff everyday. That is how they become smart. Never stop learning my freind, whether it is small or big.
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