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  • I'm currently taking a course on Law at the University of Canberra.

    Yeah, why not take auto-mechanics? If it's something you're interested in then there is no reason not too.

    Sorry I took so long to reply! I've been a bit busy :p
    ohh! my dad used to have staffordshire bull terriers, there great dogs! very playfull! isnt 'pitbull' a nickname for stafflike breeds? i thougt so! there like the same dogs right? a friens of my has 2 'pitbulls' but there amstaffs! pretty confusing sometimes.... :sweatdrop:
    Yeah ha ha.

    To be fair though, the majority of Australia is pretty flat, so yeah you're not far off XD

    And I'm sure you're job is very exciting at different points in time. I don't imagine you'd be doing it without some sense of fun or gratification :p
    What do I do? Well being a student I do various odds and ends :p

    My main things though are refereeing paintball at a local field during the warmer months and then when it gets cold during winter I do some I guess you could say snowboard teaching? XD

    I basically get a group of kids under the age of 12 for like a week with each group (for however long my holidays or the snow lasts), just teaching them the basics and how to not faceplant and things like that :smile1:

    Occasionally I'll get to take an advanced group for a while and they're pretty fun too because then I'm allowed to take them on like black runs (the hard ones :p) and to the jumps and to other areas higher up on the mountain that you have to use a T-bar to get to. Lifts don't go up there because they'd be too unstable.

    Well that's my very rambly answer to your question :smile:
    Hope it made sense!
    It was when you sent me that message :p

    Good job :smile1:

    It's night time now :smile: and it sounds like you had fun then!
    Yeah it's been fine. Not up to too much really.

    That's fine! I haven't been on for a while so your message conveniently arrived around the time I came back on :smile1:
    I've had my fair share of those trust me. Sometimes it just get's to be to much
    sorry, it's been a long week, both of the companies I work for are swamped with work, I've worked 86 hours this week, and am looking at 72 scheduled so far for next week between them. It's not that I don't want to talk lol it's that the only time I'm home is for sleep and laundry lol. I'm off to bed, work in 4 hours :(
    Probably Psychology, and I may study computer-related subjects as well.
    Lol. I'll hopefully find a more permanent job after college, or else going there would be a bit of a waste. :p
    Ouch. I'm just summer help, so I get low pay and no sick/vacation days. :p
    I work at my town's waste water plant. Not the best job, but the pay is nice. :p
    I got a job, and I'm ordering some stuff online soon. Aside from that though, not a whole lot is new. I'm still pretty boring. :p
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