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  • Yah I hope you can find your inspiration, feel free to contact me if you want to flesh out some ideas. This was my favorite story of this nature ever. I had already the entirety of the story up until it got taken down to the revamping of this site. Maybe you can start reposting a bit of the story up until where you last stopped in order to gain some more interest. Maybe others excitement over the story will inspire you.
    Oof. That is a busy business, and very tough and competitive one, too. I almost went into that or recording arts, but I realized I could make more money and get a job a lot easier engineering. I can always build my own studio and record local bands as a hobby later. good luck with film school! :)
    Hey, MisterD! I just wanted to say that I've loved your stories for a long time now! I know you're busy with school, and I totally understand that, being an engineering student. Out of curiosity, would you mind sharing what you're studying to be?
    Hay what part of new Zealand did you spend time in?
    Hello. Great story. (The one with the girl who just moved to a new town where every kid under 18 has to wear diapers.)
    PS do you mind if I add you?
    The D:

    I remember, when I was a newbie on TBDL, reading your story, Noticing Natalie. Needless to say, it has been a while. Welcome back.
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