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  • That's pretty awesome if you ask me. I mean it might be dumbed down on television in shows like "How do they do it" but I can imagine it takes quite some skill to operate and program those kind of machines!

    Developing new plastics is pretty elementary chemistry. Most tend to come out as a gel instead of a hard plastic though. Some even tempted to make biodegradable plastics out of potatoes and some bonding chemicals and it worked! Although it slowly dissolved in water which was not their intentions because they tried to work out a way to make water bottles people could just throw away in nature and rotting away in a couple of days..

    Well the older year's I talked to about the cancer research said some kinds of cancer are so deadly because "evolution" takes place on cellular level. Meaning the cancer cells that survive through radio treatment (radiation) actually take control of the tumour which makes it radiation resistant, while others get resistant for chemotherapy
    I have no idea what "CNC machines" are, although I guess they're automatic programmable machines from your context. Like water-pressure steel cutters and robotic arms in car factories..

    Crash course for you: major parts are analysis and research. Analysis is quite frankly boring, it's measuring the concentration of anything from magnesium, red blood cells to neurotoxins such as drugs. In every day terms, it involves using automated systems 9 out of 10 times. The research is slightly fun but still tedious, like developing a new kind of plastic that is bullet resistant. It can also involve doing research into why some kinds of cancer are deadly while others aren't. I kind of expected more when I started this course, but it's still interesting
    A machinist? I'm unsure what to think of that. Is it just a person who controls machinery in a factory? Or is it a train driver?

    As for me.. I'm "majoring" (dumb American term for studying) Chemistry.. leaning towards the biological side
    What was up with you and the maths department? I don't see how you can experience much drama from such a place. I've been going to uni for some time now as well, it's quite a fun place if you don't mention all the dumb people
    There's always a chance of something being a repost, of course. With new people, the chance increases, though. I don't often 'shop images to make them look unique, but I do try to post OC that hasn't been posted yet (say, something that doesn't have the regular time format as filename, like 1235438231)

    How active are you, anyway?
    Yeah, I started that thread. Not all content was mine, so I got something in return for it as well. Too bad most content is reposts these days
    I hadn't seen you around the site, and after your comment on the blog, was just making sure you're aiight. The holidays add additional stress to what ever else is going on. Sounds like you've got a lot happening. Good luck with everything.
    Miles, hi there!! How are you?

    In the "Show us your Desktop" thread, the last 2 posts of yours, what are the anime's that they are from!! Can you tell me?
    It took me a while to figure out that your avatar was from Gears of War...I thought his little gun was part of his scarf >.>
    Well, I live down on the corner of Jefferson, Dane, And Dodge counties, so if you wish to know where I reside, look there.
    Really? what part of wisconsin?

    I just looked at google maps to see where the location you listed is. It's about two hours drive from me.
    But your profile says Illinois.
    Either way, it's nice to know there are other people around my region who share the same intrests.
    Also welcome to ADISC.
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