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    Anyone here into cars?

    The first car I worked on was my mom's 65, 289, convertible Mustang when I was six. I tried to help my dad change the spark plugs .I got the firing order wrong,. Dad fixed it and nothing blew up. So, I guess Id good for a six year old. After that, I have worked on: USMC tanks, Mack tucks, built...
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    What do your friends know about you?

    My family and close friend know. The only embarrassing part was when my young niece walked in without knocking and saw my diaper. That was years ago and now it's not a big deal
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    To get help or not

    I see a therapist monthly for PTSD. She knows that I wear diapers, for comfort and her advice was.. If I am comfortable I should wear what I like. (Everyone is different and should seek medical advice before making major changes.)
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    When did you know you were an ABDL?

    I had to wear because of spinal injuries while in the military. After I was healed I just found I slept better with diapers on.
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    First time out in public

    My first time I didn't think about it. I was under medical care and was just glad to get out of my hospital room. Even if it was just physical therapy.
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    Medium or Large?

    I am a slender build 32" waist so I always get med.
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    Little for big onesie

    I wear a onesie when I sleep sometimes. The one in the pic is Aww So Cute. They help keep my diaper snug and help with sagging.
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    urge without diaper.

    Occasionally I'll wear panties when I have a short errand. Sometimes when the line is too long, I cannot hold it I wet my panties.
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    Having trouble accepting my disability

    I was injured while in the Army in 2002. Simply put, I was bed ridden and incontinent while recovering. Now I am mostly recovered and I enjoy wearing diapers like any other underwear. I usually wear diapers though panties are comfortable too. I don't care too much what people think of me. My...
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    Sorry I did not respond sooner. I have not met any DLs in person. But if you desire I will...

    Sorry I did not respond sooner. I have not met any DLs in person. But if you desire I will correspond with you. Currently I am in a platonic relationship with a woman. She comes over sometimes. Though she is mostly just a friend I enjoy her company. She has a boyfriend I've never met. we keep...
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    Mega max

    I was wearing Supreme at night, but had problems with leaking when on my side. I got MegaMax and they work great. I usually wear GoSupreme during the day. If I am not going to have a break to change during the day. Going to a park the zoo with my G.F. or stuff like that, I'll put on a MegaMax...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I have switched to Mega-Max and I wear them every night unless I am my Lil girl panties
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    Are there stronger garbage bags?

    I live in an apartment complex, and I have to carry my my used diapers across the parking lot. To avoid carrying heavy bags and hurting my back, I bought a large garbage can on wheels (50 gal). I use the 50 gal contractors bags from Loews. The bags hold up great, and the can saves me from...
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    Delivery man deliver diapers, nervous

    I had diapers delivered to the rental office at my apartment. Only once did I have an issue from USPS. A box was crushed and anyone that saw the box knew what was inside. It had a sticker that said damaged in shipment. Like that helped. Luckily, my diapers weren't damaged. The apt. manager...