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  • Oooh great my next years school plan.... I just hope i dont get stuck on light duty....XD
    Mainly corporate/medical stuff, exhibitions, conventions... I also provide websites to some of my customers with a couple of collaborators of mine who take care of the graphic/coding part, and I'm into technical services (audio/lighting/video-projection) as well ;)
    Lol seriously??? Cool to know fact... :D and you said you have a studio your self, what kind of wideo are you filming if i mind asking??
    Yeah, there sure are, in Italy as well. Btw it must be a trend for DLs to be into film/video/multimedia production! I saw you're studying it, I've got a video production studio myself and I know other ABDLs who are into it or into related fields! :D
    Well u are the closet to me that i know about... There are probably peapole that are closer to us but we just dont notice them
    Hi! I just noticed you're from Slovenia... well, I'm from Italy, so I could say we're neighbors! I sometimes come to your country, and I like it! ^^
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