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  • Damn man that sucks. yeah I hate having to hide being high around parents. but bein diapered while high is nirvana
    Hey! sorry your parents jacked your bong dude. that's fucking rough. My parents jacked a homeade pipe I made in welding class a while back.. it sucked
    good luck with yoru license and,
    why r u thinking about death? (thinking about bad drivers on the road?) idk, i have no clue...
    good luck with everythg anyway dakota
    ...Just regular summer activities: picnicking, swimming, playing softball, going to parties, hanging out with my girl!
    lots of fun stuff. Looking forward to football season though! Hows life out there?
    I didn't hear about that....THAT WAS MY FAVORITE THING AT THE BEACH! Honestly, it's close to the only time I enjoyed going down to the beach, which is a mere 4 blocs away.><
    Hi. Thanks for posting on my page =P inactivity FTL. I saw you described your marker on your page, nice. I'm just playing with my System-X NME LE with my mere upgrade...a shocker drop forward ><.

    I'm in Huntington Beach btw, and no, I don't surf.:smile:
    Hey, 19/m/Canada I suf, dirtbike, street bike (yamaha r1), hit me up on yahoo it's novasponger or nsponger41 on aol
    i have an invert mini, with a NDZ bolt, getting a CP trigger. NDZ spring kit. and i have a vlocity jr with Virtue chip and virtue soft crown. i have a DXS 68/45. i have dye C6 pants, a NXE 4+3 pod pack, a JT proflex, and im trying to get a dye ultralite right now
    sorry about the long time between responses. so wut kinda gun do u have? dont worry, the more u guys play, youll get bettter, just make sure your consistent. its expensive, trust me, i know, but u just gotta keep going, thats how my team is pretty good, we play all the time. tell me ur setup!
    DUDE! I just saw ur into moutain biking! thats crazy, so am i! im a little more xc, tho. i got a new stumpjumper at the beginning of summer, pretty sweet. i would REALLY like to do down hill tho, looks like a blast!
    wuzzup. yea, ive been ballin for a few years, i shoot an ego7 with a stubby and a velocity. im on a three, five, and seven man team. we did quite a few tournies this summer, and did pretty well. so how long u been playin?
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