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  • Hi & Happy,Happy Monday MeggyGirl! Hope you had an awesomely wonderful wekend!! Have you in Maryland been faring OK with the torrential snow blizzards? Hopefully, it hasn't been too bad. In Vegas,we are all kinda spoiled...not much snow,maybe once a year(except for Mt Potosi & Charleston-snow 3 1/2 months)-snow melts fast here. The robots-the robots-the monstrously, menacing robots(haha!).Do you like the Transformers movies? (new one/sequel supposed to be coming out soon) One of the movies from recently shows Megatron being held hostage inside of Hoover Dam(just 25 miles outside of Vegas) before being unchained to reek havoc-A REALLY COOL MOVIE!!! You can probably get it on Netflix or some other server. As you can see ,IT'S OK for late messages! Mondays & Tuesdays work okay for me,hopefully for you,too!Here's to hoping that you have agreat day & week,and, remember-be sure to drink all the juice from your ba-ba and don't forget your binky!!! Message me soon! -changedlife-
    Hiya Changedlife, its me, MeggyGirl! :3 Ive recived your message and its pretty awesome and sweet at the same time. Thank you a ton for complimenting me on my creativity too! sorry though for getting this late, i live on the eastern coast so yaknow how it goes down there.
    hope you get this message too!
    ps in Nevada, do you see any giant robots battleing each other or is that a myth (lol jking)
    Hi MeggyGirl! changedlife,at last, has been given the great honor of thanking you for wanting to be friends with me! first of all let me say good afternoonto you(even though it is still morning here in Las Vegas,Nevada.Well,now your starting to know about me,so I'll share more than you've probably already read on "about me", from looking beyond my cover page.I like the fact that you enjoy writing that tell me that you have a creatively intellectual mind-THAT'S AWESOME! Ilike to share life's experiences talking & listening....with positive encouragement! Our lives down here on this planet earth of ours are far too short to be "stuffy,negative or closed-minded--Life is good and overflowing with good things to experience & share those experiences with others. Please message me ANYTIME,and share with knowing I will always share with you.Have Have a wonderful" shake-shake rattle, binky & ba-ba" day!!! -changedlife-
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