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  • Unfortunately, I already done a loan of $3000 since I don't think my mom could find other ways to help me pay for tuition for this fall, which is $1500.
    Any updates on the college stuff that we've been talking about, like, 4 or so weeks ago? I've already signed an agreement to accept a student loan of $3000 so that half of it will go to my entire tuition. It was due this Wednesday.
    I suppose so. Anyways, I haven't started on the next Digimon prints yet, but I probably will sometime this month if I don't feel too lazy.
    Yeah, some parents are just terrible. You can seriously damage your childs mental state forever with diaper discipline. I will never understand why some choose to use it.
    Hey! I just noticed your "How to customize a boring diaper, thread" and I noticed it is very similar to the message you first sent me when I was asking you how you created your Pokemon prints. (it might even be the same one, but just slightly different, however I forgot) If you would like, I could help you create an article (if you were trying to create an article from your thread), or I can help revise it to make it more simple, and even add some other tutorials on how to make a "legitimate" diaper design.
    Wow, good for you buddy! At most 270 pictures of diapered Pokemon? That's more than 1/3 of all Pokemon in the entire franchise.
    In my spare time just before midnight, I've worked on a diapered Cubone. Feel free to check it out on my thread or on my gallery!
    Take your time, there is no need to rush. You'll get it done when you can, don't worry.
    How nice of you to do that. I'll try to keep it alive as long as possible. I'll probably create more prints at some point, so expect more. :)
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