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    Guys sagging pants

    Is it still fashionable to wear those trousers/jeans where the crotch is between the knees? They always looked totally ridiculous to me.
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    I had an interesting dream

    Reminds me of the Nicolas Cage Wicker Man.
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    Cross dressing question.

    I really don't see a problem in indulging in it.
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    Staying with friends in nappies

    I agree, if they make fun of you for the medical condition they'd just be bad people... which you've stated they aren't. Good luck!
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    Advice Needed

    Does it not feel scary though? The fact they would be libe that if she found out? This is why I only date other furs... I don't want the judgment or the awkwardness if they were not to like it. It's like coming out in a way. They don't need to know... but you feel safer knowing they don't mind.
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    Advice Needed

    Okay. It's up to you. I find it a shame or somewhat dangerous when people keep major secrets from each other. I always just assume they're going to find out eventually. But we're all different after all.
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    Advice Needed

    Just remember it might not be healthy to go around your girlfriend's back. She may react badly or she may not. My boyfriend has openly asked me how I would feel about him cross-dressing, and I was uncertain at first but if it makes him happy that's all I could want. If your partner can get...
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    Reasons why everyone should ride a motorcycle likes and dislikes

    If I get hit by a car, I'd rather be in another car
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    Advice Needed

    Only if you choose to reveal it, I would imagine.
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    Advice Needed

    That's society's problem though, not yours. I can imagine it's difficult. But you never know where support is going to come from. Also, there's no need for you to do these things in the public knowledge.
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    Advice Needed

    Well... y'know. You only go as far as you want to go with this kind of thing. You said it yourself. "What I really want" if this is what you want, it's a shame to deny it yourself... particularly if you're restrained by societal perception, or judgemental onlookers.
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    Advice Needed

    Would it make you feel better if I told you I was a 6'4" woman? :P Although admittedly, I don't have a footballer's build... even if you do it just for yourself, it should be about making you happy. If you've felt strongly about it for many years you ought to speak to a professional, a gender...
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    the age old question

    That's made me realise I don't know what size I would be. How do they work? I'm a size 14-16 with clothing (so around 32" waist, 40-42" hips)
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    Advice Needed

    You feel dysphoria? Have you thought about exploring what it might mean to be transgender? If you want to make yourself more feminine, plucking, shaving/waxing and makeup can all make you look effeminate. If you make your outward appearance match your inward one it might make you feel more...
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    New to This

    Hi and welcome! I'm new too. It's all very exciting, finally being open about this, for me at least.