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    What size do you feel most comfortable with?

    Large for me (because I'm fat), I thought xlg would fit me but it doesn't.
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    Little Games?

    Well for PC children's game, their is one from 1995 I am curious about & wanting to try. But besides that I don't know any other children's game that brings me in a little space.
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    Need help recreating a logo

    Okay I'm not sure if this would be appropriate to ask or not. But is their anyone that knows any good software to make jpeg logos into HQ logos to download for windows 10? I hate to ask for requests (because I'm assuming I'm not allowed to on ADISC when it comes to that) but I'm trying to...
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    Your real life age

    20, I was born in the late 90's & I already feel old.
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    Where do you guys live

    Lamar, Arkansas.
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    How do you guys put on a diaper by yourself

    Standing up sometimes, but mainly when I diaper myself I would lie down in bed. Adjust the front & back, & of course put the tapes on. Been doing that since age 15 or 16.
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    What is the softest diaper and pad booster out there? thanks!!!

    Don't know about pad boosters, but the if your looking for a really medical/AB diaper you might wanna look at reviews from websites like this. Sorry if that didn't help/
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    What is your favorite diaper fantasy?

    My favorite diaper fantasies would be hanging out someone around my age (male or female) while padded & do things what DL people do in person.
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    What's the worst diaper you've ever tried?

    That's a tough question. A few of the worst medical diapers (in my opinion at least) are the knock off Depends brand from Fred's, another brand I bought from the salvation army called "Fit Right", & another would be Abena M4. They're okay diapers if you couldn't afford expensive ones like...
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    Ever actually changed a diaper?

    I've never changed diapers from actual infants/kids, nor with a AB/DL person. I've only changed myself.
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    Do you ever remember being changed?

    Nope... I don't remember being changed a lot from my youth. Now changing myself in private as a teen are the only things I remember.
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    Not an AB but....

    I'm not much of AB either...more like a DL too, but to answer your question I sometimes can be curious myself of what it's like to be taken care of by someone. Like being diapered &/or having a diaper change by someone in person is one of the things I am curious about...but others things...
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    Windows xp 32 download problem, need help

    Hi, so as some of you probably guessed from the title I'm trying to download windows xp 32 for windows 10 (I have a windows 10 laptop). I've tried several different downloads to get windows xp 32 for windows 10 but got nowhere, I'm not an expert so could anyone help me in any sort of way...
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    Real accidents

    As some other people said...I've had minor fart accidents where I thought it was a fart, but turned out to be a small diarrhea (which is of course gross)....sometimes its not hard to clean up as long as it isn't in public or seen by anyone else. Aside from that I sometimes wet myself while...
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    What are your favourite diapers(In theses categories)

    1. Rearz Safari (though I haven't tried that brand yet). 2. Fred's or Abena M4. 3. Not sure. 4. Not sure. 5. Not sure. 6. Fred's or Abena. 7. Not sure. 8. Fred's brand. I would go with Fred's or Abena M4 medical diapers because they are comfortable to me, plus Fred's medical diapers is only...