Easy Going,Friendly,Silly at times,Enjoys the life that I live.

Big Trucks, most out door activities, RC Trucks(hobby trucks) Traveling.
  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
  3. Incontinent
  1. Straight
Truck Driver
Favourite diaper
Thick disposables with plastic backing.
Personal Space
I am a abdl from Florida and live in Alabama sence the age of 8yrs old. I have a medical condation that i was born with. If you look at me you couldnt tell I have a medical condation except the bulky diaper. Really noone notices or if they do they dont ever say anything about it.

I have been married(not now) will again someday and have kids.

I am the type that I do not care what people think of me Iam who I am and do my thing.

I have a heretitery nerve contation that came from mom side of the family .The name is Behcet's Diease/Syndrom. U have to search it.
I consist of chronic fatiuge,mouth sores,Rhumtoid Arthridious in the joints, amoung other problems that I have including incontinence
that other people have same but not all effects. This condition is not curable but treatable.

I had mouth sores all my life. you ever bite your lip on inside and it causes canker sore?and have just 1 ,well for me multiply that my 25 at one time.
well that's what they are. My mouth is in the medical books at the UAB Dental clinic in Birmingham,Alabama.

So having all the sores at 1 time I couldnt eat,drink,swallow,brush my teeth, they would hurt so bad I would cry(8-19 yrs old at the time).So now im 29 and I have to get all my teeth pulled.

As for wearing diapers I am use to them and even if I could get out of them I wouldnt feel normal.