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    Is it good

    To tell the truth depend actually arent all that great. From my experience they have terrible capacity and leak far to easily. The ONLY thing they really have going for them is that they are cheap and even then not by that much. I would recommend finding a local medical supply store that stocks...
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    Who else was turned to the "wet side"?

    I have had a sexual afinity for diapers for as long as I can remember and for all I know it has been this way my entire life. But what really surprises me here is no that there are those out there that found this attraction later in life... but that there are so many that say it has been that...
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    Droppin' teh hints to my friends

    After much deliberation and introspection I have norrowed the post down to either being an allegory for the true meaning of life or an encrypted request for a tuna fish sandwhich...
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    high school

    I absolutely detested the academic side of highschool... I did graduate but I had to take summer school and graduated a little late... I love learning new things and I love taking classes... I just dont do homework. But highschool was also extremely fun. I had the opportunity to hang out with...
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    where do you get your diapers?

    God doesnt like me...
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    where do you get your diapers?

    I have bought mine online before, but I still live at home with my parents and brothers and they generally take a rather large interest when a big box of who-knows-what shows up on the doorstep. I just generally go to a medical supply store and by them... although the brands and styles arent...
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    what do you wear diapers for?

    I wear them because they give me comfort. Solice from everyday worry. When I wear diapers I can feel young again. I can feel like all my cares and worries are somebody elses problem. They just feel good to me. Of course they do come with there fringe benefits. Dont have to worry about bathroom...
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    YOUR Stash!

    well... I have a pack of attends on the top shelf of my closet... Im kidna running low... but Im also running low on money... I really need a job...
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    Clarity in shadow

    thank you all
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    Secrecy sucks

    I agree... No matter how much I want to tell everybody. I know that I cant. I know that I would not only risk and ruin myself but I would cause mass direpute to an entire community of respectable people. A community that has spend too long building places where they can be left alone to talk and...
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    Secrecy sucks

    But dont you ever get tired of that battle. Dont you ever feel like you just want to give up the fight and let everybody know. I love the battle too, but sometimes it just becomes tiresome and tedious and I just want to spill my guts to the world and not worry about what people will think or...
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    Clarity in shadow

    will do
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    Clarity in shadow

    I wont... thanks for the reference mandi
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    Clarity in shadow

    Thanks... I am already enjoying it. Im hoping its a place where I can finally open up and talk.
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    Secrecy sucks

    Its just kinda tempting to tell people to see how they will react... Some people you know would say something rather derogatory and sometimes you just want to see them say it. For me... I am really quit scared of people finding out. I already live a very public lifestyle and I someday hope to...