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    Diapers you wore as a baby?

    Pampers and I think buggies as well. They were plastic backed and really poofy in the butt. I was late to potty train and also wore them for a very long time at night. I can’t remember when I had to go to a different diaper because I got to big for them.
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    Do you poop your diaper purposely?

    I’m on a medication that gives me diarrhea and I lose control while I sleep. If I wake up in the morning and realize that I’ve had an accident, I’ll just finish (if I still have to go) while I take care of stuff around my house.
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    I seen another

    I’m not sure if it has been brought up already, but this younger generation definitely has their children in diapers for a longer time before hey achieve potty training. The main reason for this is that both parents are working and the child is in daycare facilities that do not attempt to potty...
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    Can you un-pottytrain yourself?

    Psychologically yes, physically no (not without a disease, nerve damage, or another underlying health condition). You can (possibly) psychosomatically fool you mind into thinking you hav no control and your body will follow. However there will always be limits in to how far you can take it.
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    How many of you would buy upsized goodnites?

    Before my incontinence became worse than it was, I was using attends with waistband and a tru fit insert and had no problems. I'd buy the tru fit refills when they were buy one get one and use coupons and save a ton of money. I also bought all that I could when they were selling out of them.
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    How many of you would buy upsized goodnites?

    I wouldn’t, but if they came out with the tru fit inserts for adult diapers, I’d buy cases of them.
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    Pullups vs tape ons

    Pullups are essentially worthless when it comes to incontinence or flooding.
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    Does anybody had an accident at school?

    "Did I had any accidents"... No, but I have had accidents.
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    Diaper smell

    I get baby powder scented body oil. Holy hell it is overpowering. I get it from a local flea market. One drop is all it takes.
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    Betterdry vs. Dry 24/7

    I really wish the dry 24/7 had the same amount of sap as the better dry do. The dry 24/7 fit me much better.
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    Interesting discovery?

    The price you’re paying for a baby pull up and a cheap adult pull up, you might as well just buy a high end pull up. That way you’ll at least have the minimal coverage that pull-ups provide.
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    My fiancée told me she can't accept diapers

    This is a hard choice to make. You cannot just delete your desires and you cannot just delete your love for her. If she cannot accept you as you are now, how can she possibly accept you in any other way in the future? Is it you that she loves, or the idea of you?
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    Need a diaper ID.

    Thank you!!! I had got some back in 2004 or so and couldn't remember!
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    How can I wear large diapers?

    You seem a bit angry. 😂
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    What's a good quiet plastic backed diaper?

    Nothshore mega max are very quiet and very absorbent.