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  • Hey BabyMax
    i missed you last night on yahoo
    Hope you are doing good up north! :)
    I understood it all.
    I am good at recognising things for the SAT.
    But I don't use them, because it only works in one direction.
    Oh, I see. The fact that you used big words means it's important.
    Make a lot of money.
    Tuesday is my last final.
    My furry friend comes back from CO on the 19th to visit for 2 weeks. It's gonna be awesome.
    I'm lifeguarding again this summer.

    How've you been?
    I've been just fine... I've been trying to get my band up and running but so far it hasn't come to fruition
    Yeah man, I'm doing pretty good. Been a bit busy lately but nothing I can't live with I guess. Anyway, hope you're doing good, hopefully we'll catch up soon.
    I'm alive! I've been going to school. It sucks... I took PSATs... They sucked... A friend who is is coming back to visit over the summer (I found out he was a furry 2 months before he moved) and I are trying to go to a furry convention, but we need god damn notarized permission slips because we'll be 17! You can't forge those!

    Life sucks right now.

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