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    Introducing the Premium Nights by InControl Diapers! Back in Black!

    I ordered some of the new active ones in sample form. If those fit me better, will the fit be better on the black ones as well? I do have some black medium incontrols right now, but is pretty tight. I got them on preorder when they first came out. So I guess the larges are a smaller so should...
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    Learning to wet

    I really would like to highlight what you said. If you don't trust your diaper, it makes it hard. Once I moved to a good diaper that can handle many wettings, I could wet in most places. I used to do cheap diapers and it always worried me. Now I wet anywhere, even at work. Trust in your...
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    Diaper Rash and Barrier Creams

    My general go to is the blue Desitin or off brand if wearing for a few hours. It is less zinc oxide, if long term, wear the purple cream that is more like 40% zinc oxide. If having start of diaper rash, I start putting the a+d creams, usually generic and then Desitin. One thing I have been...
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    All New InControl Active Air - First Cloth-backed PVC hybrid!

    What is the fit/sizing like compared to the other incontrol diapers? I find most of theirs to be a bit tight with medium, probably similar fit to north shore supremes. Any idea if these run bigger or smaller or the same? I'd order the samples to test, but when I learned about these diapers...
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    Onesies Options?

    Preventawear is fairly lightweight, but not very AB related. I wear them under regular shirts and it's not terrible. They have tank top ones and that helps since it's less cloth and it's fairly thin and stretchy material.
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    New Onesie Company Looking for Feedback

    I do agree with this as well. I find the ones that have slight wrapping around the legs helps with practical concerns. I thought I had the perfect onesie that I found online via amazon that shipped from the UK. It was tank top but had enough snaps that is wrapped slightly around the legs (a...
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    Adult onesies

    I tend to do for the ones I wear to work, their tank top ones are light weight enough. I've worn them for years, decent quality and tend to last a while. I have tried others and not always the best durability wise. Mslorainx looks like the same stuff that as Bigtot on...
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    Tena Ultima Source in the US

    I've got them from for a case, it's about 100 USD with free shipping. It's pretty much medical version of rearz that runs it. Ships from Canada but still gets here in a decent time in the US. I doubt you can get it for a better price than that.
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    what to wear for bedtime ( onesies to full body onesies )

    Most of my stuff is big tot or lil kink, both have amazing designs and quality. Bigtot has great rompers and some of their long sleeve and pants combos really remind me of being little. Their onesies and diaper covers are great too. Sometimes I do onesies downunder or littles laboratory...
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    XP5000 diaper

    Honestly, that is the main plus I find for this diaper. Without it, it would be less compelling to me for the diaper. I have tried other brands Velcro tapes and they are pretty bad and usually catch on clothes or won't stay on long. This one tends to stay stuck all day or night. Readjusting...
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    Confi 24/7 or BetterDry?

    I do agree that they have a really good wicking ability, some diapers just don't get used all the way, but these really soak all the way by the time you are in need of a change before a leak.
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    XP5000 diaper

    Most of the issues I had with them were resolved with the improvements they did. Could use a bit more capacity, but honestly they are pretty comfy and the tapes are a huge plus. I really didn't run into the splitting issue or the teared tape issue that I ran into with the previous generation...
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    Confi 24/7 or BetterDry?

    Confidry 24/7 is a bit larger than the Better Dry, so can fit well. I had found that the consistency of quality was lacking on the Confidry, I wanted them to be better because the fit was a lot better for me with thicker thighs. I found that I was consistently ripping tapes or the sides when...
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    Morning Routine

    I randomly wear during the work week (M-F), if wearing, I usually end up emptying bladder and wearing for about 40 minutes. It's usually a better dry, north shore supreme, or tena ultimata. Sometimes XP 5000. Regardless of wearing or not, I usually change into a fresh diaper at that point...
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    For Those Who 3D Print, What's Your Favorite Prints/Models?

    I am about 20 days into having a 3D printer again (I had one from a kickstarter that failed after a few prints about 6 years ago), it has blown me away at how they have changed and improved now. What are some of your favorite prints/models you have done? I have mostly just done some practical...