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    Lots of Vaseline or is there too much of a good thing?

    Thanks. I find it incredibly soothing to layer it up a lot and brush it until my anxiety goes away. The smooth touch is pricey, but I bought too much and decided to downright indulge.
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    Social anxiety and Diaper Training

    I am kind of getting close to my limits of Adisc rules. However, I kept this within PG13. If any of this breaks a rule please feel free to remove this segment. I apologize for any rules I missed. Mods here are the absolute best. I have no desire to start trouble. Thanks for all the kind words...
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    Lots of Vaseline or is there too much of a good thing?

    I am finding my skin is becoming really soft when using vaseline also known as petroleum jelly. Its rather pleasant too. This migh be because my skin needed it in my diaper area. So, here is the question.... Can you use straight up lotion and jelly for a barrier or is a powder necessary for...
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    Got a surprise visit while all my baby stuff was out!

    Hippa might be included with his job. I would not worry about it too much. I lived in apartments for years until recently. Its not fun when your not warned. I had this happen to me a few times as well. I dealt with it in the simple, "people will figure it out." Yet, its not something anyone...
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    Babyfur art/comic "how realistic?"

    I find the responses rather kind even though many here don't agree. Mind you this is very encouraging to me because a lot of artist go way too far with it and its not much more then erotica. I probably should give a better example of what I mean. I am sure many of you seen pony art where there...
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    Social anxiety and Diaper Training

    Update My brother passed away unexpectantly. With how much needs to get done during this month I am deciding on doing this a bit less. Not to mention the fact I have to deal with my brother not being around anymore. He had turrets syndrom and had a limited life due to his severe behavioral...
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    Babyfur art/comic "how realistic?"

    I have somewhat recently started writing something on Fet life. Before a family member passed away I was going to post the first edit. I will explain more of that in an update on my "Diaper Training," blog. This is the question. How realistic should art be for things like diaper changes and...
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    Can you manage going to church with fecal incontinence?

    God will be with you. If this Church has the love of God they will welcome you back with open arms. I admire people like you so much. My anxiety makes things difficult. For me I know its more about obedience then it is about your appearance. Greater is he within you then he within the world. May...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    AIO cloth diaper dependico. Its one with my little pony all over it.
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    Social anxiety and Diaper Training

    Update I got back home and found my diapers were delivered. I was low because the tail end of my time with family was not easy. I rather not go into details. My mother is continuing to be very supportive of this. I want to wear and use diapers 24/7 in order to not have problems with bathroom...
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    Social anxiety and Diaper Training

    At my parents . In a way the positive attitude my mother has is amusing. She was saying, "I don't need to know." Yet the way she said it was like, "I don't want to know." Although she did say she was glad I had no desire for trial and error to go wrong. Yet, she kindly told me if this helps then...
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    YOUR Stash!

    I have a rather large collection. For me I sm mostly open about it. Although the inner workings of it I don't go into detail with. I won't go over my entire collection, but here is the gist of it. 1. I have 10 AIO Dependico diapers. Mostly My little pony themes. I have abstract themes as well...
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    Sharing a project

    Sure, I am game. I love your Christian flag avatar BTW. Also i know this thread is old, but I only got back on here a few days ago.
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    Social anxiety and Diaper Training

    I got back to wearing diapers today. I am going to use up my disposables that I currently have. I am getting a delivery of some really good ones. I am so ecstatic to finally have a go at this. They are the Rearz Bella diapers. I wanted something that would motivate me to continue wearing up for...
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    Aspects of Purge

    That is kind of what I meant by IC and this working for age regression items. Also I already knew about 2Corinthins 13. Keep in mind that Mathew 18:1-5 talks about being a child. Even going as far as to say if one welcomes such child they "welcome me." I am kind of confused how this is relevant...