Bible nerd, Artist, writer, and electrical madness. Music is a given because math Hz. 440hz to be exact!
Music, Art, Writing, Coding/electronics
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I am in general an age regressor. My chosen age of regression is 4. My Fursonia is a dragon with fur. His mentality is comparable to a 10 year old. He likes to regress to the age of five or younger. I am a Tulpamancer as well. My tulpa Seria is a female dragon and I consider her my care taker. I have had many tulpas come and go over the years.
As for my non-little interests I am an artist and writer. I love fantasy art and fantasy stories. I am a Christian who enjoys electronic music and Rave music. I plan on becoming a published author and well known artist. My website is Fathomistic Fantasy Imaginative Crafts (FFIC). I am open about my therapeutic age-reg coping strategy (NON-sexual). I am not afraid of being who I am unashamed. C. S. Lewis was not and neither shall I.


My pacifier symbolic of the Holy spirit and there is nothing like being on the Holy spirit. (The pacifier of human souls) John 14:16