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  • Actually technically I was not saying it about you because when I said all that I am only refering to girls who are straight. I have had no close friendship with any lesbians so I can not say that, or that would be judging. I was not judging in the things I said because I was not making assumptions, but drawing off fact of past expeirances.

    Also I have had a decent amount of girls I have dated, about 6 in my life time. Which is a pretty average number for someone my age. So your right I was not popular with women, but I was not super unpopular with them either. Also I am not bitter because then if I was then all the girls who love assholes would love me! :-D :-(
    There is no one sterotype that hollywood puts out, there are several, and I have seen an example of each one in real life. For example sluts, bitches, girls afraid to commit, and most common of all....girls who only date assholes because thats all their attracted to and half the time they do not even realize themselfs thats all they ever date. So it is a reality not just a sterotype. So anyone who takes offense to it well then they need to open their eyes and take a look around.
    Oh man, that's too bad you missed the cut off >:
    Oh well, we can throw our own imaginary party, and only we're invited! >:O
    caught wind that your a lesbian and wanted to know if you lived in the seattle area, theres this dance thing for lesbians, gays, transgenders, ect and i think mitsukuni might be going. if you want i can note you the info and the website ^^
    I used to think there was a good girl out there for me, but I been dissapointed so many times, every expeirance just supporting the sterotypes hollywood creates about girls.
    Welcome to the forum, Marsridge! It's been a pleasure to read your posts (especially those in the political discussions) so far, and its always refreshing to see someone new around! Hope you enjoy your time here!
    Hey, we seem to have a lot in common.
    Furry, Lesbian, living in Seattle, the works.
    Welcome to ADISC -late-
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