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  • If you find the exact one again, PLEASE let me know. Mine is from Tales of Symphonia, Colette, one of my role models.
    Same :) Probably one of the bost stories I've ever watched/read/etc, even aside from being one of the best anime I've seen.
    Are you another Evangelion fan? Or do you just like the NERV logo? Good choice of avatar either way.
    Recently, somebody did an offer on free Avatars, so he could practice.
    I like your signature. A pretty awesome dude said that like 2000 years ago!
    I'm not sure if my translation is correct, but, if it is i must ask; How does it taste, Knowledge? Also, i'm sure you know something ^^
    ok kool! Hope your do really well on your finals!
    ...Lots of really kool *B/DLs in the NYC tri-state area.
    I'm wearing my sleeper tonight! :)
    ~ Will
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