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    WoWers Unite

    I have a 41 Warlock on Alleria and and a 70 Shaman on Hellscream but im saving Shaman for WotLK
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    Old Cartoons

    I saw an episode of the smurfs the other day. IT made me think about the good Ol cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid. Anyone else remember Ahhhhh....Real Monsters, and Doug or Rocco's Modern life?
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    Test your internet speed

    kinda slow right now
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    Computer screen size

    I Still use my trusty ol' CRT but thats I dont have the money to get a flat screen
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    So theres this new Motherboard....

    Thats exactly what we are talking about. All the components you need to run it are going to be too expensive. You would probably never get your moneys worth out of it. Though the Intel one does look a little better.
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    So theres this new Motherboard....

    So everyone happens to have the same exact opinion as I. Running Crysis twice plus bookoos of other processes at the same time is pointless weather you can or not. Further more, like it was stated above by Sawaa and Drew the server memory sacrifices speed for integrity for a ridiculous price. Im...
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    HOW TO: Hide Windows On A PC (Contains A LOT of Images)

    Great idea and great program. Another way is to just press Alt+F4 a bunch of times but that would just close all programs that are running and take you to the prompt to Shutdown, Restart, or Standby. Thus loosing all information you where working on in the browser and other other programs that...
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    So theres this new Motherboard....

    This New Motherboard Skulltrail has come out with that according to engadget.com has "dual LGA771 sockets that support Intel Xeon 5000, 5100, and 5300 series processors of both the dual and quad-core varieties." Additionally, you'll find a pair of gigabit Ethernet jacks, a plethora of expansion...
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    Diablo II

    I remember one time I got a hack that let me have 2 Hordaric Cubes. So I decided to put one into the other....The game crashed and I had to reinstall it to play it again. Thats like that saying " Butter Toast always lands butter side down, and a cat always lands on its feet. So if you strap...
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    I know exactly what your talking about. It did get kinda crazy for a while there cause of all the modders. before Battle.net came out with that patch, some really pathetic people found a way to use cheats in multiplayer, but blizzard caught on to it only about a year later and patched it. thats...
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    Diablo II

    Wow Diablo II, What a wonderful game. I remember putting random things in the Cube and trying to transmute them into random things. Fun times.
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    Anyone one here still play the original Half-Life or Counter-Strike?
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    Gamertags and such

    WoW: Server - Alleria Name - Sygdrid Race - Human Class - Warlock Guild - FireBlood Dragon Slayers Steam, XBL, XBC, and pretty much everything else is Malaci
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    Favorite Games and what you play

    Hmm Lets see.... Guitar Hero ( All ) Halo ( All ) Half-Life Garys Mod World of Warcraft Counter Strike Quake III Arena Fable ANY Call of Duty Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Starcraft Anything Star Wars Any GTA F.E.A.R. Bioshock Ultimate Spiderman Devil May Cry Final Fantasy Oblivion The Sims...