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  • Totally love SG-1 and definitely like Atlantis. Not quite as impressed with SGU so far.
    Say buddy, I do lots of low-level coding.
    Need any back-end work done? not familiar with the beyond engine, are you scripting this thing or is there room for C/ASM and stuffs like that? I could get you're networking stuff done (protocols, socket handling, etc.), or if you have anything that could benefit from being recoded in ASM (anything crunching numbers)
    Hey if you need some help with your role playing game or something I'm up for it. Question is this a flash player game, or like a java script game?
    I promise to have all the tiles you've requested by Sunday.

    I cannot tell you how much I'm sorry for taking so long.
    Hey, if you need anything like this, I am somewhat experienced at 3D modeling. PM me if you want me to help!
    Hola whatsup and THANK YOU!! I checked out lucidpedia it looks amazing! How far in are you and what have you done in your dreams?
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