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Well, I have finally decided to write something a little more interesting in this oh so large box I have on my screen. No really! :O

I'm a relatively sociable guy from the not-so-sunny south of the UK. I hang around on my computer a lot. I used to game a lot as well, but now, not so much. Other than Minecraft that is. I've been playing that for a while. Even ran my own server. It was quite popular actually, in retrospect.
For all those gamers out there now saying what I spend my time doing on the computer now, Most of it is socialization. I'm hanging around on IRC a lot as of late. Chatting, getting to know people. :P (Which means im always open for a chat. Press the PM button if you feel so desired!)
I also do web development, and help maintain and run the servers for a popular gaming group (No, I am not going to say which one. Sorry! >.<).

Otherwise, i'm a huge Sci-Fi fan in general. I have over 500GB of Sci-Fi on my server. And I've watched it all at least twice over. My favorites have got to be the Stargate series, Eureka and Sanctuary.
I've also run a few forums, actually, still running 2. One much larger than the other. It's an interesting past time I have to say. Anyone who has run/is running their own forum will know what I mean in this regard.

Anyway, I shall sign off now, leaving you with one of my favorite quotes:
Lose it... It means go crazy, nuts, insane, bonzo, no longer in possession of ones faculties, three fries short of a Happy Meal, WACKO! ~ Jack O'Neill

PS: In case you feel like contacting me in IRC, im not one of these types who want's you to 'ask' first. I never understood that. It's like asking people via a Visitor Message if they can send you a Private Message. Right. What a gigantic waste of time.
If you want so say hi, please, feel free to hit the button without gaining my permission first. You already have it! :P


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