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  • Hehe, thanks! You're all too kind. :3
    I love your avatar by the way, so adorable. c:
    Col. O'Neill: [with obviously forced patience] I ask you: What could possibly be in my eye that could explain this?!
    I love stargate with a furious passion.....favorite episode - the one where jack and tiel'c get caught in the time loop from the ancients machine. Where he hits golf balls through the portal, lol. Good times.
    In the admin stuff thread, did you edit the message to add the quote?

    I never got a quote notification PM D:<
    What coding languages do you know?
    Just a time of gratitude,
    you have many great postings here.
    The reindeer dog says:
    Congrats on being a coding helper!
    You guys do a great job keeping this site up and going!
    Hey there, Macky!! Thanks for accepting my friendship offer & I hope your first few days as a staff member have gone well for you!! Take care, ok!! ^_^
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