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    I am sorry to say this but i'm giving up my ab side forever please remember me fondly your friend forever
    Hey how are you liking Utah? I'm hoping we'll have a white Christmas but it may just be more rain...
    Now I'm 4 weeks late. I've been fine. By the way, I didn't mean for you to stop following me on Twitter, I just meant to not have me on that ab/dl list you have on there. I don't want that account associated with this stuff anymore D:
    thats cool are you guys all settled in and enjoying utah. mabey we will have to get lunch together pm for details on that if you want to
    Hi there how are you? didn't you say you and DF were going to be moving to the great salt lake area ?
    You said Amile’s Atrium on the 2nd to avoid falling on other local diaper events. What other events are there? Are there really enough people in this area to have a good turnout for one monthly meeting? Jeez :eek: I haven’t had my head spin like this since I first got on the net! :2thumbsup:
    Hey are you planning a party this year?
    I think I missed a gathering last year unless it just fell through.
    I agree. I hope we can establish some sort of friendship. I think it'd be good for both of us. ^_^
    Hi ^^ Just though I'd leave you a message. Hard to find other females out there to talk with. Hope you have a good day.
    Well I'd say it has more to do with the smaller number of admitted females, I suppose you're right about that...
    happy New Year!
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