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  • Hello old friend! I dont know if you remember me, but i found a remnant of you on an old chat log on an old forgottten hard drive! :p Say hello sometime :)
    Hello Snaps! I have to admit I don't remember our conversations but I'm delighted to hear from you! <3
    Yesh! ^^ It was great! The only downsides were it was a little too hot and I drank a little too much. ><

    How have you been though? It's been an entire two weeks. :D
    Just so you know, I'm going on holiday for a couple of weeks and won't be able to recieve any messages you send me meanwhile.

    On that topic, it'd be nice if we could talk again when I come back. :3 I enjoyed our conversations.
    Oh. I know exactly what you mean. I sat my Maths exam today. Paper 1 wasn't so bad, but Paper 2 seemed impossible. Regardless, I think I've passed. How are your exams going?
    Yeah, I'm a lot into science too. :) The subjects I'm sitting right now are English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Art. I think it's a fairly diffirent system here though.
    Well that's great. :D I love literature as well. I sometimes get upset about the loss of impact books have upon society. I am a fan of mid-1800s text, but I'm not a huge fan of anything too gothic. I can read books with gothic themes, but I generally don't enjoy them for the subject matter, but for the ideals they express and skill of the author.

    What about your personal life? ^^ Of course if it's not too invasive to ask, that is. What sort of subjects do you do in school? I assume you go to school. Anything else you can tell me about yourself? :3
    Oh. I love Stephen King. I've read a few of his Sci-Fi novels. I'll maybe check out some books by those authors over the summer break.

    Sorry if I seem to be bombarding you with questions. ^^ I'm just trying to keep this conversation going. :D
    I like reading too. :) I also draw and play some video games. Other than that, I just hang out with friends and chill.

    What books do you like? Is there anywhere were I can listen to your music? ;)
    I like a mixture of stuff. I'm quite into liquid d'n'b, and I only like dubstep when it's done in certain taste, but generally, all sorts of electronic music.

    I like Knife Party, Deadmau5, some Skrillex; but not all of it, there's this awesome MLP artist called OmniPony if you're into that, Pendulum, The Prodigy, RHYNO, Calibre, Maduk, Daft Punk and most things on the youtube channel: "Liquicity"

    There's some stuff I haven't mentioned. H'bout you? ^///^
    Yay! ^^ I like electronic music too! *hugs* Taviimunk is a great artist. I'm watching him on FA. Have you seen any work by the artists Rukis, AlectorFencer or TojoTheThief? Those are my favourites. :3
    Well, I'm using the site sometimes when I take a break from studying for my exams which are happening right now, but I don't really want to talk about that. ^^ I'm tired of the exams and just want them to be over.

    Why don't you tell me what kind of things you like? What are you into? :3
    I don't remember what I did two days ago (or is it three days now?)
    Right now, I'm watching Linkara review on
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